Be safe on the Blue Line or el$e

I’m all for safety on the road, on foot, bike and train. I’m always cautious of my surroundings and always look twice before I cross, however not everyone adheres to these safety measures and Metro along with the LASD and LAPD want to make sure everyone does abide by the rules and be safe on the road or when going Metro. So, tomorrow morning (3-23-2010) they will be holding police check points all along the Metro Blue Line starting from the 7th street stop all along to Washington Station. They will be there starting from 7 a.m. and be checking up that people aren’t making illegal turns, people driving while talking/texting on their phones and jaywalkers. I got a jaywalking ticket once because I crossed when the hand was flashing red. At least that’t what the officer said and god knows there’s no arguing with the LAPD because that hand went red HALF WAY THROUGH me crossing. What was I suppose to do ? Walk back to the other side ? I hope the $175 fine paved some roads or fixed some parking meter.

Anywho, just thought I’d give everyone that rides the Blue Line in those areas or drives by the heads up. The city is hurting for money so they’ll squeeze every dime outta ya. To be more specific, $175 for jaywalking to $436 for red light violations. HOWEVER, I will note that this isn’t some random thing Metro and the police decided to do, Metro wants to reduce the number of deaths and accidents along these stations. Here is their analysis and break down of how the public just needs more education on safety issues. As a long time Blue Line rider all I can say is that, if you get caught breaking the law or being unsafe, then you deserve the fine.

2 thoughts on “Be safe on the Blue Line or el$e

  1. Always another excuse for more and more police control. If the city is hurting for money, why not cut back on one of the biggest money-eaters–get rid of the police department.

  2. I like the painting; it gave me flashbacks of the Lincoln Park Cinco de Mayo riots of the late 80’s and the cop riot at the 2000 DNC at staples center.

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