Re-dedication Ceremony for Historic LH Clock

photo courtesy of Chanfles!

The original clock was destroyed a few years ago by a film production company during late night filming at a nearby club, The Airliner. Once local neighbors and activists heard about the incident, calls and queries were made to determine when and how the clock would be repaired. Despite the attention, neither the production company, The Airliner or the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce would offer up much information on how and if, the clock would ever be replaced.

Well, lo and behold just a few weeks ago, a new clock was installed and while it isn’t the original (the base is new, not sure about the clock face) and is now facing a different direction, it’s not a bad replacement.

A re-dedication ceremony will be held tomorrow, Thursday, March 25 from 10am-11am at the new clock, 2419 N Broadway. Event sponsored by The Lincoln Heights B.I.D.-Business Improvement District and Councilman Ed Reyes. Local celebrity and former Los Angeles Dodger Bobby Castillo will be in attendance.

You can read El Chavo’s review of the clock here.


3 thoughts on “Re-dedication Ceremony for Historic LH Clock

  1. THE VOICE was there to cover this re-dedication of the community clock this morning. It was very interesting to listen to community folks in the area and the memories they had of this clock

    Councilmember Ed Reyes took all the credit for the re-dedication and did not acknowledge the Chamber of Commerce for their work in getting it back nor did he acknowledge Frank Villalobos of BARRIO PLANNERS based in East Los Angeles for the countless hours of work they did to get this Lincoln Heights Icon back where it belongs. It took them over a year to get the City issued Permits, plans and everything else to make this happen.

    Even thou these organizations were on the re-dedication program that was passed out to the crowd, they were never acknowledged or even had a chance to speak.

    It will be covered in the April Edition of THE VOICE.

  2. Yeah, we at Sloan’s were not invited and it was us who made the call to the Chamber to let them know what had happened at who was responsible for the destruction. And when I spoke to them, they were clueless and had no idea what I was talking about. When they finally caught on, they rushed out to check out the crime scene.

    You are welcome, lousy Chamber.

    We at Sloan’s have been there over 35 years and are across the street from the Chamber and aren’t acknowledged. No plaque, no papelito from Reyes, nada. I guess 35 years of surviving in the community is meaningless.

    Oh, how about the communist Steve Kasten. Him and his elderly groupies rule the Chamber. Tell me what businesses these viejitas own? Solamente son chismosas that go to eat and are the first ones in the front of the pictures. That includes Vera Padilla – what business does she own? And Kasten’s nice full page spread in the Voice about the newly remodeled stores? Pues we remodled out interior and weren’t ever featured.

    How about people stop acting on their own selfish interests and get everyone in the community involved, instead of their own clicka. Casi son como la mafia.

  3. Babo should have thrown a screwball at Ed Reyes’ cabeza for another waste of time grandstanding!

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