7 thoughts on “Jesus Cristo

  1. Next time get up closer, Cinema Verite style. It will add some excitement to the exchange. The hidden obstructive POV shots work a la Citizen Kane, yet an aggressive interaction with the Blow Horn Preacher would benefit the composition allowing for a metaphoric “sinners” vs “saved” experience for the audience.

  2. you guys should pay attention to what he says in order to learn something new, and

    to know that there is one way to heaven..

  3. This carnal has his own unique street-corner preacher style. I digged the way he gesticulates with the book and crouches down for empahasis! I remember the street corner preachers of yesteryear spreading the word on Downtown Broadway, they were Latino and Black and they had these booming voices you could hear almost a block away(without a megaphone!)

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