Tricks Are For Kids 101: Sharing Is Caring And Sometimes Punk

When I started at RHS some years ago, I was surprised by the number of Punk kids. I expected a few Ramones heads but Mob 47 and Unholy Grave? It was a pleasant surprise. One morning I’m talking to a teacher in the R-building and this kid passes by and politely greets me. He’s wearing a Varukers t-shirt. I smile. This teacher makes a stupid crack about the kid. I didn’t laugh. The funny thing was I had the same t-shirt underneath my “work attire.” Why? Don’t you believe in One Struggle One Fight?
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Botanica de Amor wrap up

photo 4

For the second year in a row Self Help Graphics auctioned off some of the most eligible bachelors this side of the river. Can you believe that someone was bought off for $600 !?!?!? Yeah, $600 and I’m not talking about monopoly money here folks. Never in my life have I seen to women out bid each other like that. It was madness I tell ya, but all for a good cause, SHG. Here’s a few pics I took of the day and a quick rundown.

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Random’s Rundown


Feliz Año Nuevo de la Luna everyone. I’ve been busy with Taco Tech the last few days and haven’t had time to catch up. I have a long list of things to blog about and post. That’s why I came up with “Random’s Rundown.” Like any great idea, this happened while I was in the bathroom. Last night I was making notes on info that I need to post ASAP for y’all to read and I was thinking to myself if I should do single post or bunch everything together. Chimatli already has that covered with the Botanitas post, so I started thinking and then BAM !! It hit me. I’m basically giving everyone the run down on what’s going…. PRESTO “Random’s Rundown.” All the news that is not fit to print, but still hella important. In this installment, Metro meetings for planning on bikes, Mardi Gras with Ollin, Juarez Documentary screening and more from IMIX.

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Notice Served: IMIX Books Fundraiser

IMIX Books has been open for about 6 years and has served the community extremely well. But times are very tough and we need your help. A fundraiser is being held on Friday February 19th.

I met the owner, Elisa, when she worked at Premiere Aztlan in the Montebello Town Center more than 10 years ago. We have been good friends ever since. This woman is dedicated to books and to the community. She worked at Sisterhood Books, Midnight Special Books, Premiere Aztlan, etc. Remember those places? She later had a space at Mercado La Paloma off 37th and S. Grand. She then opened IMIX Bookstore in Eagle Rock and has provided an invaluable community resource. Besides a fine selection of literature and progressive titles, how many artists has this bookstore helped?

In these desperate economic times, mom and pop stores are hit the hardest. IMIX is one of the last independent bookstores in the ELA/NELA area. In fact, all the bookstores where she was once employed are gone. We will not let IMIX Books suffer the same fate, will we? Our community helps our own, right? See you there.

Suggested Donation is 15$ (sliding scale). No one will be turned away at the door. Children free!!

*Note: you can also donate here*

**chimatli wrote about IMIX here.

***flyer borrowed from DJ Phatrick

The Day The Taco Turned Into A Frozen Yogurt


This Saturday a bunch of food trucks are gathering in a parking lot en el centro, setting up shop, and hoping you’ll wait in line to order some of their food items. According to the website, there will be all kinds of trucks, from normal taco trucks to those fancy “mobile gourmets” that seem to be all the rage on the Westside. And it will cost you $5 just to get near these trucks. I feel obligated to share this information with you, but I certainly can’t condone it.

I feel like a dick for writing this: I hope you don’t go.

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What Would You Cut?

The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles is threatening to lay-off many workers, the number fluctuates daily. In addition, various Departments like the one On Disability is being threatened with elimination. There have been quite a few posts here about what is going on.

Since the Mayor can’t come up with any ideas other than laying workers off, privatizing municipal institutions, and hiking up parking tickets I think we should come up with our own budget cuts and pass them on to him.
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Save Olvera Street!


It’s unfortunate, but many of us Los Angeles natives take Olvera Street aka El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument or La Placita Olvera for granted. It’s the place to buy taquitos, folklorico shoes and other Mexican handicrafts. We go there to eat, stroll, take pictures on donkeys and just hangout. Every year they put on great programs to celebrate different holidays. I have fond memories of winning the best costume contest for Mardi Gras one year (Chicken Girl!) My mom always tells her story of spotting Marlon Brando sitting in the Plaza one afternoon, staring forlornly into space. For myself and my family, Olvera Street is an institution, a part of our personal history.

I recently read the book Los Angeles’s Olvera Street by William Estrada and was surprised by the history of this Los Angeles landmark. If it weren’t for the efforts of Christine Sterling, who recognized the area as a historic treasure, the whole street (actually it’s kind of an alley) would have been demolished and long forgotten by now.

Well, it’s time we all channel our inner Christine Sterlings because we received an urgent email tonight from a LA Eastside reader regarding a very important meeting tomorrow. It seems the City of Los Angeles, in it’s typical short-sighted way wants to privatize Olvera Street. I’m sure it sounds good to the CAOs and accountants to do so, but our history is much more valuable than the small profits number-crunchers try to come up with. This is not to say that there is no room for change or new ideas but privatization usually brings homogenization and corporate culture something Olvera Street, for all it’s faults, refreshingly lacks. Our city has enough malls.


Due to the city’s fiscal crisis, tomorrow morning, the Los Angeles City Council will discuss and potentially vote on a plan to privatize El Pueblo Historical Monument, the Birthplace of the City of Los Angeles. Please come to John Ferraro Council Chambers at 11:15 AM ready to share your concerns during public comment.

While the details of privatization have not been disclosed, the plan will likely include the commercialization of El Pueblo, its public museums, galleries and historic sites which are visited by two million people annually, including 300,000 students.

Please communicate to city officials that privatization of the city’s birthplace is nothing short of an abomination, may violate state historic codes, and threatens the city’s irreplaceable cultural and historical heritage. Let them know that El Pueblo’s historic buildings, the oldest in the city, its public space, vast collection of artifacts and photographs that speak to the the city’s early history must be preserved for present and future generations.

Los Angeles City Hall
John Ferraro Council Chambers, Room 340
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, 90012


Botanitas: February 10, 2010

Spotted at a Chinatown novelty shop. A leftover from Madame Wongs or The Hong Kong Cafe, perhaps?

is an ongoing feature bringing you stories and news from various sources, upcoming events and other bits of ephemera that might be of interest to LA Eastside readers. Suggestions welcome!

Click through for bulldogs, pobrecitos, jerks, tall coffees, shovels for sale, missing paramedics, anti-authoritarian tigers and the blues for the unemployed.
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