6 thoughts on “What are you giving up ?

  1. I’m giving up meat…oh wait….too late!

    I went to Catholic school for 12 years and part of the fun was the silly holidays they had. Like Lent, boy is it a ball and a biscuit. Giving up stuff because the “Son of God” (meaningless dribble) died on a cross for you, because you’re a born sinner, and need to be saved. Woah, Catholicism blows my mind! I liked watching the Stations of the Cross; it’s like that movie by Mel Gibson only in 3D!

  2. Now that looks like a list to encourage to take something up, not give it up! Is that at el mercadito? I’m looking forward to tortitas tomorrow.

  3. Looks like its all fried in manteca—yuck! Luckily, I was not raised Catholic, so I do not have that annual Mel Gibson “reenacting the beating of Jesus” fetish. Ay! I’m giving up mantecosos this year. Yeh, you know who u r!

  4. When you look at how many things vegans, health nuts, and ecological people don’t consume, it’s like lent all year round.

  5. I gave up catolicismo.
    I made the mistake of visiting my mom for dinner on Ash Wednesday and wouldn’t you know it- she had some ashes for me to put on.
    She very well knows i am a not catholic officially since 2003.
    But you know women how they nag and nag…”andale para sacarte el diablo” i let her put the ash cross on my hand.
    One of my brothers called me to go over and pick up all the sodas since he was giving it up for lent.

    I already give up red meat. I left the church because of the hypocrisy and because im already a sinner and i dont believe in being “catholic and gay” thats like being a “jewish nazi”.

    Anyways i did date and still know an ex-seminary guy, yes he wanted to be a priest and left 2 years after cause he said he was gay and didnt want to pretend.

    And i asked him all the questions we all have about them – and he said yes men- all men are horny dogs even future priests.

    40 days really? how about a lifetime.

    – hay dios mio! TMI? well thats my confession.

    happily spiritual not religious 🙂

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