La Crisis Buster Free Grub Tip of the Week



Monday April 27, 2009– Get a FREE piece of their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken at KFC stores! (I hear it’s not bad.)


Tuesday April 28, 2009– Get 2 pieces of Pollo AND 2 tortillas & salsa, FREE at EL POLLO LOCO stores!

…All you “Veggies” out there, sorry!, this doesn’t concern you. Hey, more MEAT for me! hehe!

LA Graffiti King “Chaka” First Art Show


 In the graffiti world we all heard of ” Chaka LOD” the infamous tagger who killed LA and beyond. His tags and throw-ups where seen all over in the late 80’s early 90’s. Even everyday people have come across hearing his name. He made news back in the days with being sought after for fucking shit up.  Almost twenty years later he is having his first gallery art show displaying his work.

April 25,2009

Mid-City Arts

5113 West Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90019

7 p.m -9 p.m

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Metro Freeway Service Patrol, Your My “Random Hero”

photoI don’t know what I did or what I said but whatever it is, someone out there loves me and is watching out for me. Today was an unusual day that could have taken a turn for the worse, but thanks to the Metro Freeway Service Patrol, it ended nicely. My friend calls me up asking me to help her take one of the dogs to the vet because the cabeson broke his leg last week. We get there, drop him off and make our way to a gas station because my friend didn’t put oil in her car and it was smoking harder than a hipster at an art show. ZING!!

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Made in L.A. ~ May Day Campaign

Click here to see a clip

When I first saw Made in L.A. last year after it won an Emmy, it hit a soft spot in me to say the least. When my father first came to this country way back in the ’90s to pave the way for the rest of the family to make it over, he worked in one of those garment factories. I remember those days because of where we lived, how we lived and my father telling us later on, in his drunken ramblings, how much he hated that work when he was doing it. Yet, he did it and put up with it because that was what he needed to do in order to get the job done, so to speak.
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As seen on LA Eastside


We know our trends… at least when it comes to footwear.

I realized that Chimatli’s April Fool’s Day joke came true when I got an email from a shoe store about the hot new sandals: huaraches!

Huaraches, both flats and those hideous heels, range in cost from $99.95 (or the actual retail price of $169) to $24.95 (actual retail $36).

I’m sure you can get a much better deal at el Mercadito, right?

Swapmeetero Music

On the way into the venerable Rosemead swapmeet, we get soothed by the melancholy sounds of a man and his accordion, singing for us to “let him cry, because he’s wounded”. Actually, he’s just singing an old favorite “Dejenme Llorar” by Los Freddy’s, a popular hit in the 70’s but which resonates just a bit more since this musico appears to be blind.


Entrance line, accordion, crying, wounds, tips, 75¢ entrance fees, tickets, ticket takers: it all happens so fast that you can only get a snippet. Probably the musico doesn’t care, it’s the way he makes his money. But still, I could have waited a bit to catch some more. Oh well, la vida sigue pasando, en chinga y de aprisa.

Mission Road

If your car windows get busted or you need a new yanta Mission Road got all that plus more. The gritty street starts near the 10 fwy around the vicinity of 7th street, and runs north turning into Huntington Dr. There are homes on some parts of Mission Road, but it is mostly industrial buildings and one giant man. Oh I can’t forget the El Pato Hot Sauce Factory on Mission, thanks El Pato the food I made today with you was yummy.


Google photo

I was driving down Mission just off Cesar Chavez and stopped to take some pictures. I just wanted to explore the cuts and crevasses around and see what I would run into.

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Best Iced Coffee in the Los Angeles Area


The proper term for this iced coffee is ca phe sua. I know everyone has their favorite spot for Vietnamese ca phe sua. What makes Mr. Baguette’s iced coffee so amazing is it is made with espresso and not just regular brewed coffee. Brewed coffee often gets watered down in the process of getting iced and loses a lot of body and flavor, not Mr. Baguette’s version. This iced coffee is thick, intense and not too sweet. I can only manage a few sips, otherwise I’m bouncing off the wall and my mouth never shuts up. You have been warned!
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