Hot on the Street: Huaraches

Authentic huaraches from Mexico

Spotted on the streets of Silver Lake, the hottest trend in fashion today, the humble huarache. Long used on the Eastside as fly swatters, rear end spankers and regular old house slippers, the huarache has been promoted to high fashion due to it’s green pedigree. You see, huaraches re-use the treads of old tires for soles. That means decreased rubber production and all the nasty toxic uglies that go with it. Wearers also report the added benefit of healthier feet as the open weave design allows the foot to breathe. Also, as the sandals are worn, the leather conforms to the foot shape creating a stylish silhouette.

The trend has become so popular that local huarache shops at El Mercadito report being mobbed daily by hordes of fashionable gals waving credit cards (fyi, they only take cash) and vying for the best sizes and styles. Many have been seen clutching boxes of the peasant shoes on their way out. With the Eastside extension of the Gold Line coming in, fashionville will be one direct train ride away.

Surprisingly, the trend has spread to the swanky areas of Mexico City. The fickle fresa class who often look down their nose at anything associated with indigenous Mexican culture has embraced this fashion footwear future due to the buzz surrounding a recent Vogue article featuring photos of U.S. celebrities proudly kicking up their huarache heels at Hollywood parties. Orale pues!

8 thoughts on “Hot on the Street: Huaraches


    I’ve been soooo trendy for soooo long.

    I knew I shouldn’t have worn them so often to the Hollywood Bowl the last few summers. They must have seen me there with them.

  2. Orale, I’m gonna have to dust off my old pair!!! I knew they would make a come back someday!!!

  3. YOU say you’re fashionistas? As a child I wore huraches in Texas during WWII!

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