As seen on LA Eastside


We know our trends… at least when it comes to footwear.

I realized that Chimatli’s April Fool’s Day joke came true when I got an email from a shoe store about the hot new sandals: huaraches!

Huaraches, both flats and those hideous heels, range in cost from $99.95 (or the actual retail price of $169) to $24.95 (actual retail $36).

I’m sure you can get a much better deal at el Mercadito, right?

8 thoughts on “As seen on LA Eastside

  1. Hahaha! That’s perfect. I think I’m gonna turn my huaraches into these high heel types by gluing a corn cob under the heel!

  2. Man, my wearing my huaraches all summer last year must’ve caught some ‘hip’ eyes looking for the newest caché of ‘authenticity.’

    I know it, I know it.

  3. I think it’s funny they’re called “huarache sandals.” It sounds like they’ve been listening to the Beach Boys.

    Funny about the April Fool’s joke post, I had no idea that the Los Angeles Times actually had done a real story about the growing popularity of huaraches just a month before!,0,7089545.story

    Wow, I know a few fellas who are finally gonna find themselves in style, by accident!

  4. I was listening to 97.9 FM on the way to work this morning. A female caller was talking about how she only dated guys with ca$h. She said, “Mis pies no pisan en huaraches”.

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