UPDATE: Stirrings around Lincoln Heights

Turns out the Zócalo spot that just opened in LH yesterday is a “community space” funded by some churches & some of its members mentioned that they on occassion have Bible-study.  They do seem to have some people from the actual community, but many seemed to be from elsewhere.  So if you like your “community space” tinged with Christianity then this is the place to be, err.


I’ve been commuting to my job at Lincoln High School by bicycle since I’ve started working there almost 2 years ago.  It’s been pretty uneventful as far as run-ins with automobiles, suprisingly since Broadway is pretty hectic around 8am.  I know that once I approach the school that I should really be on the look out for people darting into the far right lane to drop off their kids. Now here is where today got interesting… Continue reading

Fear & Trash in Los Angeles

Just this evening I grew pretty scared because I heard what I thought were nearby gunshots. Normally I’m pretty adept at discerning gunshots from other random urban noises; but last night my room mate mentioned being outside, on the porch smoking, when some guy started shooting into an apartment complex across from us. Naturally I thought I was hearing round two, but upon hearing the noises once again I figured out what it was: people roling out their trash bins for collection on Monday.

Funny how fear can turn something as benign as the sound of the trashbin being dragged to the curve into a vehicle for possibly bodily injury. Once, about 15yrs ago my mother and I mistook a backfiring car for gunshots. We pulled over 3 blocks from our house as soon as we heard the bangs. It kept driving up and down the street: the moment then felt never ending. I thought, “how much do they need to shoot up before their done?” Finally we glanced up & figured out it was just an old crappy car backfiring. Fear may have its evolutionary advantages but sometimes it for naught.

Interested bike riders in Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, or Boyle Heights?

Being used to bike rides usually starting further west of my home, I found this ad in The Voice which is a local news periodical pretty interesting. I rarely, if ever, am a part of Midnight Ridazz or Critical Mass since I like rides in small groups. But this might be different so I sent them an email yesterday, but have yet to get response. Maybe they’ve been inundated with a huge response because folks are hopping on two wheels because $4.58/g is causing some hurting.

Is it a day-ride, a night-ride, a tour of the Eastside ride? I’m down for this. I personally enjoy riding through Lincoln Heights with it’s relatively slow traffic and wide residential streets. But I do hate going down Eastern Ave. in El Sereno because it’s a narrow street where SUVs try their best to scare the sh*t out of me with their horns. Now Boyle Heights, that’s a part of town I’d like to try to ride through.

If you get a response, let us know what these “The Voice” people are up to!

One hour Walk-Out

Working as a Teacher’s Aide at Lincoln High School I’ve been hearing a lot of talk of budget cutbacks as well as very probable layoffs for teachers. When I hear how many teachers may be layed off I wonder how the LAUSD supposes Lincoln High School will manage to function with less teachers in a student body of 3000+ kids! In response the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) organized a one hour walk-out for teachers, dubbed: One Hour’s Pay for Our Kids. Even though I am not in the UTLA I also participated out there on the sidewalk of Broadway. I am pretty sure that almost every teacher was out there, plus the support of some students!

After the jump, some photos:

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Hills of the Eastside

Having lived most of my life in North East L.A. I have come to find refuge in the hills around here. As a kid I would go up Eastlake Ave in Lincoln Heights and up into the hills to flatop to seekout lizards, snakes, centipedes, and all the other wildlife you see around these parts. Many people say that Los Angeles scarecly has seasons, but I think it is because they do not understand how the seasons present themselves here. Elsewhere you have heavy rains (which we occasionally do have), snow, or extreme cold to show that things are changing.

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