I’ve been commuting to my job at Lincoln High School by bicycle since I’ve started working there almost 2 years ago.  It’s been pretty uneventful as far as run-ins with automobiles, suprisingly since Broadway is pretty hectic around 8am.  I know that once I approach the school that I should really be on the look out for people darting into the far right lane to drop off their kids. Now here is where today got interesting…

…now near Wendy’s Tortas on Broadway & Gates St a vehicle stopped because of the traffic congestion immediately thought it would be a good idea to enter the “empty” right lane.

Unfortunately I was in that lane, and I tried to swerve to avoid him.  Since he went so fast I had almost no time to react and he ended up side swipping me. He slowed when he realized this and my left arm came to an abrupt stop on his right side mirror.

My next thought was, “F*ck, I hope I get my feet out of my clips or else I’m going to tip over the side and fall.” Fortunately I didn’t fall.  I grabbed my bicycle and sauntered to the sidewalk. I could already feel my left arm throbbing from the hit, and somehow my thigh got hit too.  Some skin was scratched off and my arm already swelling.

Fellow pedestrians asked me if I was ok, as well as drivers! It’s nice to know that people can still be worried about their fellow members of humanity.  The driver that did hit me did finally pull over and asked me if I was o.k.  I told him I was ok, though I probably should have said otherwise.  I tried to speak with him but he spoke little English, and I spoke no Vietnamese. His son tried to translate, but I know he’s in beginner’s ESL since I was in his classroom once.  I left the situation as it was, mainly because I was in a daze of what happened.

The moral?: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BLINDSPOT. There may be a car, or even worse, a homely bicylist with only his skin for protection.

6 thoughts on “BLINDSPOT!

  1. not just bicyclist, but pedestrians too. I cannot tell you how many times drivers flake out and almost him people crossing a cross walk when they have the righter way.

  2. Right there on Gates and N Broadway they used to have a pedistrian tunnel under the street, smelly but no one ever got hit by a car.

  3. Glad you weren’t seriously hurt. Always check your Blindspot is good advice to motorists and also, check behind you first when opening your car door when parked next to a bike lane, PLEASE!
    I’ve witnessed a couple of incidents similar to what happened to Julio here except, the cyclist was riding on the SIDEWALK, against traffic, on a commercial blvd. Car drivers entering & exiting driveways don’t expect to encounter a bike zooming across sidewalks when they pull out/in so I imagine that this practice can be very hazardous and should also be avoided.

  4. Man, we’ve all been there. Just about anyone who rides in this town has had a few close calls; sounds like yours was a lot more than close. Glad you come out of it more or less okay, but keep a close eye on those injuries tonight — I’ve learned the hard way that things can get a lot worse overnight.

    And you’ve got my respect for keeping your cool. I’m not sure I would have had so much self control under those circumstances, language barrier or not.

  5. Man you really did keep it cool.

    I don’t know if I would have been so nice.

    Props. I will remember you if this ever happens to me, so that I may keep it cool.

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