Interested bike riders in Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, or Boyle Heights?

Being used to bike rides usually starting further west of my home, I found this ad in The Voice which is a local news periodical pretty interesting. I rarely, if ever, am a part of Midnight Ridazz or Critical Mass since I like rides in small groups. But this might be different so I sent them an email yesterday, but have yet to get response. Maybe they’ve been inundated with a huge response because folks are hopping on two wheels because $4.58/g is causing some hurting.

Is it a day-ride, a night-ride, a tour of the Eastside ride? I’m down for this. I personally enjoy riding through Lincoln Heights with it’s relatively slow traffic and wide residential streets. But I do hate going down Eastern Ave. in El Sereno because it’s a narrow street where SUVs try their best to scare the sh*t out of me with their horns. Now Boyle Heights, that’s a part of town I’d like to try to ride through.

If you get a response, let us know what these “The Voice” people are up to!

6 thoughts on “Interested bike riders in Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, or Boyle Heights?

  1. Way to go Eastside (the real one)!

    Also, DEMAND that a Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan public input workshop take place in the Eastsdie this fall when they have their public input workshops again. Last time around, you folks have been ignored!

  2. Way to keep biking a relevant form of transportation in LA. The eastside ride sounds like a great opportunity for cyclists in the neighborhood to connect and get to know each other while exploring the city. Most excellent.

    -ride on

  3. I saw met these dudes from the newspaper the other day. I mentioned you had posted about the bike ride but I didn’t have the opportunity to ask for more info.

  4. The EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB has been riding since JUNE 2008. We are the only BIKE CLUB in Los Angeles to host two rides every week.

    Summer rides are Tuesday Nights Meetup at 6:30pm to check tires, brakes, gears, We ride at 7pm – Meetup at TROYS BURGERS corner of EASTERN AVENUE and VALLEY BLVD in El Sereno.

    Saturday Summer Night Rides: Meetup at 6:30pm Ride at 7pm From WALGREENS corner of MAIN STREET and FREMONT in ALHAMBRA

    Bring a bike in good working condition, lights, helmet, cell phone, some money in case we get a bite to eat during our ride.

    No riders are left behind, all ages and abilities are welcomed.

    Follow us on / Eastside Bike Club Los Angeles

    email us at:

    Call us at 323/221.7400

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