5 thoughts on “Resistance Is Fertile: Lords of The New Church Get Burned

  1. Weird, I was just looking at my Westboro Baptist Church pictures yesterday. Yep they picketed my work with all their hateful (yet professionally printed!) posters. Wonder who had to toil at the print shop over that crap? This is a great snap. Lots of gays protest them, sometimes just in a lip lock, or dancing sweetly in front of them—its too funny.

    78!! So 90063 dining, you and me–soon?

  2. ++ yup, that “group” is def genetically deficient. but their hatred is sadly very common. also funny is punk rock hero is wearing a “phobia” shirt. how a pro poe. me like.

    yup, 78, only 200 behind erh. it’s on… “caught in the race against time, the pit and the pendulum, check the rhythm and rhymes while i’m bending em…” something like that.

    yup, i like dining. let’s do that vietnamese spot in mp.

  3. It is likely that the vast majority of people on the Eastside agree with the guy on the left.

  4. Urghhh–lost my phone—didn’t click the little box that keeps me in this thread. I just noticed ur reply last week—aye. What would Billy Barty say?

    I still dream of a world where the Christians start acting like Christians.

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