Cinco de Mayo: A Cultural Holiday


We were driving thru the Westside today, somewhere along the border of Silver Lake and Echo Park, when we thought we saw something stupid headed our way. Sure enough, and cuz I had my camera handy, we were able to take a picture of some innocent dolt dressing up as a Mexican captain of sorts on his way to some shitty place to drink his shitty Tecate beers. Oh yeah, it’s Drinko de Mayo! We of the Chicano variety are not so learnededed on this American holiday so we decided to seek out an experience. Might as well get to know the Ethnic people that live in your city and figure out why they do the things they do.


We went to some place to enjoy the great food and festivities of Mexico but it turned out we were at the one in the Salvadorean neighborhood. Crud! They meant the MORE west location. Someday we shall all know the same terrain.


Still we partied it up 5 de Mayo style with an order of mushroom and cheese omelette…


…some Johnny cakes that have corn in ’em…


…a veggie sandwich…


…and a chocolate shake. Chocolate is a Mexican thing, no? I’m sure the Poblanos would be proud of this choice.

Next we went to La Cuevita in HLP but it turned out it was closed. We were sure it would be open to provide us beer since it does have a Mexicany theme going, but we were wrong. My compa asked “where do white people go on Cinco de Mayo?” Clearly, we were out of the cultural loop.


After some brainstorming and some business to attend to in Downtown, it was decided that Villains Tavern must be a place to celebrate the Drinko festivities.


They did have some tequila specials but we stuck to the beer, even if it is a bit pricey. Unfortunately, they serve it in crappy mason jars. I guess they are poor and this is the white equivalent of saving mole jars. I guess I need to hone my solidarity skills with the white working class. I did overhear some people greeting their friends with the phrase “Happy Cinco” and I felt like a voyeur. Mission Accomplished!


Later we headed over to Señor Fish, he knows how to wear a sombrero properly!


In the parking lot a tomato plant was struggling against the concrete and gentrification just to bear fruit. We spotted some jitomates breaking out into the world, surely some sort of metaphor for the Mexicans trying to exist within the concrete jungle of Los Angeles? Or maybe its just a rotten tomato that found a good grave.


I guess there was some sort of big party being planned for later cuz the tables we were at were “reserved” for 7:30. We sat near some other Chicano folk and they were also drinking IPA’s, and it was funny/odd/necessary to remark that the folks drinking the Mexican brews were our amigos of the Gringo demographic. More power to them.


Fortunes were read. Destiny was averted.


Later it really did get crazy packed. I asked the doorman if this was normal for a Sunday night. He said it was only because it was 5 de Mayo.

Los Angeles is really diverse, you can learn something new about the different ethnicities and cultures that live here almost daily.  I am glad I was able to experience and learn about this important American holiday in an environment that can truly celebrate it’s historic meaning.

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  1. Pinches Gringos with their Pinches Tacos and Pink Tacos on the west side.

  2. I like the first picture. His outfit and riding on the wrong side of the street says “I’m an idiot but I’m also too clueless to care/understand”.

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