La Beauté Est Dans Larue: Destino Final Quiere Saber Quien Posee Tus Dias

Destino Final is from spain. they started as… who cares? they are one of the most overrated / underrated bands around, contingent on you knowing your shit or you being a fuckin idiot. i’m somewhere in the middle: an idiot who knows some shit. a shit who knows some idiots. let’s leave my friends out of this.
i think of the great kids at RHS who ask me, “mister, i heard you like that rock stuff?” no, i like stuff that rocks. Destino Final deliver the goods here, on the streets! even though the audio is bad, here are 30 reasons how Destino Final showed La Beauté Est Dans Larue.

¿Donde Estan? lyrics:
¿donde estan tus amigos?… ¿donde estan?
cuando mas los necesitas… ¿donde estan?

1. the band is playing on the street. isn’t that enough?
2. it was probably free.
3. there is no stage. omg no “rock stars” to worship. what shall i do with all my insecurities?
4. despite all the “chaos,” many smiles all about. they’re dancing, not fighting.
5. not just some bro fest, many women also having a good time and bobbing their heads to the beats.
6. oh, the song is all that.
7. the “crazy eyes” of the vocalist.
8. a flying V!
9. drinking in public! is there a better place?
10. at the end, dread-locked dude in back throws up a ronnie james dio.

volver a empezar

1. my cousin said, “he looks like enrique iglesias, but cool.”
2. those first 32 seconds of vocal gymnastics are a nice set-up for the awesome noise that follows.
3. the crowd is pretty deep.
4. even camera person can’t control herself.
5. drummer got mad flavor? extra points for the Doom shirt.
6. vocalist attempts self-strangulation by mic chord. look ma, no hands.
7. woman, in GBH shirt, mind you, punching floor (on time, of course), while rocking out
8. vocalist, eyes closed, picks up “dirty” shal from floor, and puts it on
9. then a no-look catch of a gorro thrown at him. he puts it on. extra credit, right there.
10. they are using marshall amps!

¿Que Vas A Hacer? lyrics
¿quien tiene el control? ¿quien posee tus dias?
la historia se repite. el miedo te salpica
¿que vas a hacer? ¿a donde ir?
no puede escapar de tu vida
no tiene mas salida
¿quien tiene el control de todos tus miedos?
cuando el dormir depende de drogas y pastillas

1. worse sound, mic not working, but you can’t shut it off because…
2. crowd is going nuts
3. soon as chorus / riff kicks in, vocalist is lifted (literally)
4. he offered no resistance.
5. he falls on percussion instrument, and continues to “sing”
6. he is assisted and gets back out front, no beat missed
7. drummer also does not miss a beat.
8. same shitty solos.
9. must be some kind of anthem, cuz everybody knows the woids.
10. bassist shirt reads, “please kill me.”

8 thoughts on “La Beauté Est Dans Larue: Destino Final Quiere Saber Quien Posee Tus Dias

  1. nice!

    on an unrelated note, wtf happened to this site? i can’t read half the things on the sidebar and don’t know who the post authors are. has anonymity suddenly become a concern? chris pearson, try again!

  2. Andy + i hope they come to the streets of L.A. soon. if they did, i missed em.

    Human + well, now that the site has been “corrected” maybe it is best you can’t read this shit. long live anonymity, writes some one called city terrace

    Human 2 + hey there’s only one human, wtf? fugazi? is ian mac cake still even alive? those posers won’t even print shirts! that ain’t punk! those vegan shoe gazing… anyway, SD may not have talent or rhythm, but if you read the post you can see they have lyrics.

    EC + a new webmaster? we have one? doh! but, alas, i think this one horse town is back in session. long live the internets!

  3. I was out of town, okay out of the dang country, when you posted this so I’m burley watching it and all I gotta say is, these videos are awesome and so is the music and I wish I was wherever this show is happening RIGHT NOW!

  4. yes out of the dang country, i know that feeling. so from la estrella en medellin, i happily agree with your assessment. you can feel that excitement, even from the videos. i think they are a great band and the atmosphere seemed so alive. i wish i was there too.

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