The planning and development for an Art’s District in Boyle Heights is underway. Artist are uniting and getting the ball rolling on making sure this opportunity doesn’t get shelved and tossed to the side. The projects origins can be traced back to local council member Jose Huizar approaching a teacher at UCLA.  From there, 12 urban planning students surveyed Boyle Heights and presented their findings to Huizar a while back. Alfredo Huante and Carolina Martinez are two of the students and were at tonight’s meeting explaining what the current situation is and who their meeting with Huizar went. The students finished their commitment and got their credit. They explained that they no longer have a stake in the survey and said that projects like this usually go ignored because there is no one to pick up where they left off. That’s where A.R.T.E.S. comes in. With so much ground work already started, the students are passing everything on to them as they are getting organized and creating an infrastructure to make sure that the district meets the needs of the community and artist.

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