How do I not appear exploitative?

Thanks Mr Drummond.

Thanks Mr Drummond.

I went to the LA Art Show and saw three lectures. One was with Leimert Park based artist Mark Bradford, the other was with Mat Gleason of Coagula, and another was with Marlena Donahue of Otis and friends. It was an interesting group of lectures that I will discuss more at length later…the one with Marlena was about diversity and how the art world excludes women. Good points were made on Marlena’s lecture BUT if I were running anything that talked about diversity I would make sure to include as many walks of life Continue reading

Murder Your Car!! Art Project. Tonight at 7:30pm. San Pedro

My quest for a car to destroy has come to an end. The results will be performed in a symbolic ritual involving a sledge hammer an eighteen wheeler and small children.

Anti-consumerism is the theme the tools to be discussed will be public transportation and a tossing away of all things that you think you need to be happy.

What is your addiction(s)?

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Peel Here 08 ~ The Art of the Sticker

For this years Peel Here, Sticky Rick and his partner Damon Robinson, Director of the NOMAD Art Compound, wanted to do something new. Not just because they’ve moved offices from the ghetto mansion to The Nomad Art Compound in “Frog Town,” but because they both know there’s more to stickers than just slapping them on. They want to take sticker art to the next level because when someone takes their time to create an original work of art on a disposable surface, their passion and commitment to their work shines through. 

~ Click here to read last years recap ~
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Post-Post Apocalypse. Starts TONIGHT. Thursday, December 4.

Wendy O Williams. Did life with a purpose!

Wendy O Williams. Did life with a purpose!

Opening Performance: Thursday, December 4, 2008 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Loft, 401 S. Mesa, San Pedro, CA 90731


From December 4 to January 17, artists Edith Abeyta and Marshall Astor will engage in a series of actions, using the gallery at The Loft as a stage for process and experimentation in the public sphere.

The primary focus of this exhibition is the construction of a house inside of the gallery. This project is intended as an experimental exercise, loosely rooted in the ideas contained within the two artists’ installations for the 2006 exhibition Contemplating Apocalypse, which took place at The Brewery Project.

Post-Post-Apocalypse takes place in a cycle of three parts, Ruins, Survival and Civilization.

Ruins: On December 4, beginning at 6 PM, the two artists will enact Ruins, the symbolic exodus from their destroyed city. In a rain of light and sound they will make their path into the wilderness, in search of a new home.

Survival: Following ruins, the artists will engage in the primary action of the exhibition, Survival. During Survival, the artists will construct both the artificial environment for their post-apocalyptic hermitage and their new home, a 12’ x 24’ house on stilts, occupying most of the gallery space. In addition, a series of events and actions by guest participants will take place, including curatorial and artist salons, a cheesemaking workshop, a meditation exercise, the murder of a car, a birthday party and other events to be cooked up during the course of the exhibition.

Civilization: The close of the exhibition will be the celebration of the return of Civilization. Following the successful construction of the house, the artists will host a closing event/performance in celebration of both the New Year and the completion of their project.
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Resurrection of the “Resurrection of the Green Planet” Mural

“No tienen valor” are the words that an older gentleman muttered to Ernesto de la Loza as he was working on restoring his mural on Cesar Chavez Ave. and Breed. For the last few months, idiots tagged up the mural pretty bad and Loza was called up by the store to come and fix it up. I was on my way home from school and I saw him painting.

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Neighborhood Beautification

Going down the street of my neighborhood is a daily routine. I skate/walk up and down everyday whether I’m coming/going to work or I’m on another of my misbegotten adventures in L.A. Everyday I see the same cars and houses and everything is pretty routine and bland.

Needless to say I was surprised the other day when I say two talented graffiti artist taking up their spray cans to paint something across the street from where I live. The bright colors and beautiful koi fish swimming on the wall seem out of place, but they are welcomed over tagging any day.

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