Murder Your Car!! Art Project. Tonight at 7:30pm. San Pedro

My quest for a car to destroy has come to an end. The results will be performed in a symbolic ritual involving a sledge hammer an eighteen wheeler and small children.

Anti-consumerism is the theme the tools to be discussed will be public transportation and a tossing away of all things that you think you need to be happy.

What is your addiction(s)?

Designer shoes, TV, food, movies, status seeking clothes, cigarettes, alcohol, porn, drugs, self righteous smugness.

Please bring a symbol of your addiction to throw away in the “Bucket of Dreams!!!”

It will be taking place tonight in the deep south part Los Angeles known as that place called San Pedro.
The Loft Gallery
401 S. Mesa
San Pedro, CA 90731 

Alcohol and food from third world countries will be served.

This all for the low, low cost of free. We’re in the La Crisis.

Public transportation from LA civilization is just an Express Bus Ride away on the 446/447 other routes are available via METRO.

A collaboration with Edith Abeyta and Marshall Astor’s Post-Post Apocalypse Show.

This commercial has been brought to you by Browne Molyneux. The only way to save the world is through egocentric art!!

Stylized black homeless woman.

Stylized black homeless woman.

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