My Thai is better than yours


Some friends come to visit us these weekend, they came from Chi Town, so being the good friend that I am, I took them out for dinner. When I was in Chicago visiting them, they took me to a Thai Cuisine place, claiming that it was the best Thai place on earth. I have to admit that it was pretty damn good, but nothing compares to Chuan Chim.

You can bring your own beer/wine with you, so we brought some Negra Modelo with us. The Thai tea is awesome, I’ve had it in many places, but their version is by far the best.

Chuan Chim1

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que pinche craigslist ni que nada

Jacket for Sale

Why bother going to crowded malls, or ebaying. The east side has a new and innovative way of shopping. Well, maybe not new, but definitely a unique way of buying/selling goods from the street. Spotted this at the corner of 1st and Soto. I bid those damn westsiders don’t know bout this system 😉

Lucha, Nachos y Sonidero

After a few months of absence from the Lucha Libre scene, I decided to go back to the wonderful world of lucha libre. Nothing like spending the evening with your haina, nachos, 7up, vulgar ladies, sonidero and sweaty luchadores. For those of you that don’t know, they have have re-located to the corner of N. Broadway and 69th St. Close to Florence and the 110 frwy. Scroll down for the fun.

Lucha 1

El luchador de atras, aplica un  super coscorron

Lucha 3

Rudos y Tecnicos hugging eachother

Lucha Banner

I stold it at the end of the night. =)

Lucha 4

Que chingadazo se metio este guey

Lucha 5

Lucha 6

Punisher inquiring about a Louis Vuitton Bag

Lucha 8

A volar joven!!!

For more info, call 323 812 87498



One thing that amazes me is the customization that people do to their cars. I’ve seen $100 Pontiacs with $2000 rims, Japanese cars with disintegrating white body kits, Off Road trucks the size of my house, but nothing tops this kind of custom. Mama Capanita has a bad ass ice cream truck, nice combination of colors.  I wonder how many people could fit in there?

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