My Thai is better than yours


Some friends come to visit us these weekend, they came from Chi Town, so being the good friend that I am, I took them out for dinner. When I was in Chicago visiting them, they took me to a Thai Cuisine place, claiming that it was the best Thai place on earth. I have to admit that it was pretty damn good, but nothing compares to Chuan Chim.

You can bring your own beer/wine with you, so we brought some Negra Modelo with us. The Thai tea is awesome, I’ve had it in many places, but their version is by far the best.

Chuan Chim1

Chuan Chim3

This right here is the spicy shrimp soup, we order a side of rice with it. I like to put the white rice in it. For some reason this soup reminds me in taste to the chicken soup my grandma makes. That soup has a homemade taste that makes you fall in love with it.

Chuan Chim4

My favorite of all, pork chow fun noodles, I can go on and on talking bout these noodles and the explosion of flavors in your mouth, so I wont hype it too much, go try them and let me know what you think

Sorry for the bad, low-res phone pics, but you have to report one way or the other, right?

Chuan Chim
5644 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 462-6221

7 thoughts on “My Thai is better than yours

  1. Mmm I’ve never to that place, but I know that the Ocha is the shizz. I love those places. Sea food soup, chow main, rice and orange chicken. Aww yeah !!

  2. Sanamluang Cafe on Hollywood is good. Not fancy.

    So is Ganda in the mall. Yelpers say that Ruen Pair is good again – maybe it is. (I used to go to ruen pair all the time like it was a crack house.)

    Problem is, that mall has valet parking now. Annoying.

    Fave dish is morning glory (aka ong choy).

  3. I first preface this with funny that my ‘anti-spam word’ is “SNAPPER”

    BUT…. what did the Chicahhhgo heads have to say about the spot?

  4. the thai place we went to is in Thai Town, and the place was called Thai Classic.

    My firends really liked the place, I almost want to say that they liked it more than Thai Classic, but they just would not admit to it.

    Has anyone been to Thai Classic?

  5. I like Saladang (sp?) on Fair Oaks and Daisy Mint on Colorado for super tasty Thai.

    Of course in Hollywood its all about Palms with a live performance by Thai Elvis

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