One thing that amazes me is the customization that people do to their cars. I’ve seen $100 Pontiacs with $2000 rims, Japanese cars with disintegrating white body kits, Off Road trucks the size of my house, but nothing tops this kind of custom. Mama Capanita has a bad ass ice cream truck, nice combination of colors.  I wonder how many people could fit in there?


I spotted this one right outside the Mini Mall, I would like to call him El Metalero Religioso.


Notice how they took their time and made the O’s extra fancy, nice touch.
If the service is free, why the money symbol?




Stay tuned for more Ranflas and Naves.

4 thoughts on “RANFLAS

  1. There are a few of these “metaleros/yonkeros” in South Gate. I like seeing them, it makes me happy that someone can make money from other’s refuse. I don’t like having to weave through these whenever I drive on la Alameda, though.

  2. Thanks Rolo! I need someone to scrap my old mattress and my water heater. I just ask the universe and it answers—:)

  3. Every single time I’m cleaning out my garage or getting rid of old stuff like fridges or other crap, within five minutes there’s someone who pulls up to take it off my hands. I love it!

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