Random Hero

Standard issued street soldiers. That’s how I refer to cops after I heard Henry Rollings use those very words to describe them and at times that’s what they are. My first post on here was about a check point and me talking trash and putting the cops in bad light. Fellow bloggers and readers have also expressed their dislike of authority figures whether it’s from personal experience of just hearing about they’re oppression from other’s who have gone through it. However recent events have changed my view of officers. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the rest and leave a bad taste in your mouth. Over the weekend I was threatened with a knife over my stupid phone. You can read the whole story on my personal blog. During the whole incident I was dumb founded by the help that came my way. A person actually took a stand and did something about what happened to me. A random stranger became my Random Hero and went out of his way to make sure that the mocoso who threatened me with a knife was caught by the MTA sheriffs. That’s another thing, the sheriffs actually showed up on time and caught the mocoso as he tried to make a run for it. To me, it feels like too much of a big deal was made for a stupid phone. None the less, what happened to me that Friday night at the railway station will stay with me. I myself have helped other’s in need when no one else would help them. Maybe it was karma returning the favor, La Virgen looking out for me like she always does or something completely different. What ever it was, I’m grateful and appreciative for those who helped me, even though I may have lost my faith in them and talked trash about them. It’s easy to condemn other’s and just go about living your life not caring about anyone else. that’s why it does my heart good to know that THERE ARE people out there who actually give a rat ass about their fellow human beings. That being said, that’s the last time I bad mouth the jura. And remember, there will come a day when we will be in need of a Random Hero, because even a Hero needs saving sometimes.