( I got this from a friend on Myspace. Perfect, I’m hungry. Who wants to meet up and where?)

Hello fellow taco supporters,

Thanks to all of your hard work, SaveOurTacoTrucks. org has made national headlines, from The Los Angeles Times to TIME magazine.

We’re proud to announce that Thursday, May 1st will be Taco Truck Night in Los Angeles. Take your family, your friends, or anybody else who loves tacos. Go out, get some carne asada or al pastor and support your local hard working taco vendor.


While you’re there be sure to hand out some posters and tell your fellow Angelenos what’s happening to our beloved Taco Trucks. We’re looking to raise awareness in the community as well as provide a nice cash infusion to the hard working men and women who labor into the early hours to keep our bellies full.

Check SaveOurTacoTrucks. org for more information and suggested locations. We can’t wait.



¡Vivan Los Tacos!