Proyecto Jardin


Located in the center of an urban wilderness, Proyecto Jardin is a community garden that has been helping residents in Boyle Heights get in touch with Mother Nature. Located behind White Memorial Hospital, Proyecto Jardin is operated by community residents who donate their time and unique skills to the garden.
Dr. Robert Krochmal, a doctor at White Memorial, came up with the idea to use the plot of land behind the hospital that was a community eye sore full of decrepit houses. After the hospital reviewed and approved the plans the land was cleared out and prepared so that construction for the garden could take place.
Volunteers and community members helped build the garden, preparing the land for a future of bustling community activity that promotes healthy eating, exercise and self-sustainability.

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Free fruit trees @ Proyecto Jardin this Saturday

This is “Hank.” I adopted him in 2007 at Placita Olvera during some event. This was through the cities tree give away program. I still have “Hank” with me and in a bigger pot because he’s growing up before my eyes. I remember when he was just a baby. I would water him after I fed the dogs and put him in sunlight if the day wasn’t to brutal. I made a promise to “Hank” that I would plant him when I have a place of my own, so far no luck yet. But if you want your own tree to name head over to Proyecto Jardin this Saturday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to pick up your choice of an apple, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum and citrus trees. However I will stress that the tree give away is intended for local area residents. There’s only going to be around 250 trees available and I would much rather see them around MY neighborhood than somewhere else. So, for those of you that live within the Boyle Heights, area come on down and grab yourself a tree. But don’t just come down like chusma, only people with available space to house the tree should come down. Other wise it would just be a waste of a valuable tree.  

Proyecto Jardin 

1718 Bridge St. 

Boyle Heights, 90033