Pet stores suck


What’s wrong with this window advertisement ? Is it the fact that this months special is Iguanas for $9.99 plus tax ? Or the fact that these Iguanas are from El Salvador, which means that they have been smuggled or brought through some Iguana mill, much like puppy mills. If so, then that means that a lot of Iguanas had to die in order for the store to have the ones they have because those are the only ones strong enough to survive they’re horrific trip from El Salvador to Boyle Heights. I never liked the fact that people sell animals like novelties because they aren’t and with the way things are right now, no one wants to buy another mouth to feed. I can only think of what pet stores must be going through because they have to keep their “inventory” alive and healthy, costing them money everyday. The only thing pet stores are good for are buying supplies and food, not animals.