Norton Se Puede?!

Eduardo Norteno
Hollywood has celebrated the feats of many iconic American figures who have overcome the obstacles of social, racial, and economical injustices and prejudices. General audiences enjoy a historical character who they can relate and rally around, knowing that their valuable earned dollars are funding the celebration of persons deserving of the “Celebritized” accolades. Ben Kingsley portrayed the modelesque and malnutritioned Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi, and Denzel Washington as the Black Power advocate and civil rights leader Malcolm Little in the film Malcolm X. Aside from being a tribute to the lives of these great persons, it can also be the fast track towards Academy Award nominee recognition. The likelihood of Oscar gold when starring in a biopic, typically with a title surname (or middle name), is more than likely. Just look at the following examples: F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, 1984), Will Smith (Ali, 2001), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote, 2005), and Sean Penn (Milk, 2008 ).   The list goes on with a slew of other nominations, and soon to be added to the star studded biopic  list…Cesar Chavez.