The “Help El Random Hero pay for school and buy a laptop” fund


As of late I’ve been hunting down scholarships that I qualify for and have a chance of getting. Paying for school and the cost of living adds up rather quick when your in school. So I’ve been asking people for letters of recommendations left and right and so far people are willing to help me out, thanks Victoria. But I realized that scholarships can only go so far for me and I’m extremely limited in the scholarships available to me because I’m special. At the same time there are other students applying to those same limited scholarships and well they blow me outta the water in terms of academics. Sure I have a 3.0 gpa, I’m an active community member, blogger and journalist at two news papers blah, blah, blah. Point is the pipe line gets thinner and thinner especially now with La Crisis and everyone trying to get as much financial aid as they can. That’s another thing too I DON’T QUALIFY FOR FINANCIAL AID. Everything comes outta my pocket, which at the jr. college level isn’t too hard. I have a job, but I’m a full time student. I work weekends and when I’m not in school I work as much as I can to save up for the following semester. Continue reading

Victims of La Crisis: College Students

~ My desk at school ~

For the longest time I was watching the ramifications of La Crisis from the outside and not feeling it directly, but now that the new year has started, La Crisis smacked me upside the head and took my money. I have a “job” and since the new year started, things are dead out in the streets. No one is spending money anymore, it’s always like this after the holidays, but this year things are the worse state they’ve been for as long as I can remember. I’m thankful in a way that growing up “under privilaged” I have the skills to survive anything that can come my way. Hell I’m curretnyl crashing at my friends house and living the “startving artist” life style. But lately, the ramifications of me not having money means that I’m questioning my ability to continue going to school. At ELAC I pay $20 a unit, which I’m extremelty greatful for, but with the way things are the College is in talks of raising tuition prices to $30 by fall. At the sametime Universities are also cuting back in the number of students they’re accepting as La Crisis continues. I was struggling as it was and now things are getting to the point that education may have to take a back seat to just making ends meat. If I’m feeling it at the community college level, my friend on the other hand is in the same boat as I am but she’s at Cal State Long Beach, I’ll be joining her soon 😀 When we hang out now we don’t catch up, we talk about how damn broke we are and how maybe going back to Mexico isn’t such a bad idea anymore.