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East L.A – Lakers Celebration 2009 by

In case you missed it in the comments section, LA Eastside compadre Erik Sarni captured the joyous and peaceful Lakers victory celebration on Whittier Blvd in East LA last night. Looked like fun, that is until the cops kicked everyone off the street.

I have a suggestion for the City of Los Angeles, instead of spending a million dollars to put on a Lakers victory parade just ask the good folks in East LA to help out. They managed to have an impromptu parade and did it for free, DIY style. They’re good at catching serial killers too!

Lakers Celebration in LH


I drove by to quickly check out the scene but as of around 8:40 pm, the streets of Lincoln Heights were pretty calm, at least compared to the crazy partying that happened when the Lakers won that other time. But there were still a few people walking around, just wanting to celebrate a win of their favorite sports team. It seems people are gathering in East Los and some fools are trying to burn living trees over by the Staples center, but for now LH is just a few cars cruising, honking, celebrating.

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