Lakers Celebration in LH


I drove by to quickly check out the scene but as of around 8:40 pm, the streets of Lincoln Heights were pretty calm, at least compared to the crazy partying that happened when the Lakers won that other time. But there were still a few people walking around, just wanting to celebrate a win of their favorite sports team. It seems people are gathering in East Los and some fools are trying to burn living trees over by the Staples center, but for now LH is just a few cars cruising, honking, celebrating.

Click ahead for a few more pics.


Strolling the main street in LH.


She won’t wear it, but she will carry it with pride: a woman with a Lakers jersey.


Young fans wave a flag, older man putting out the trash for tomorrows pickup.


I think this guy is hoping for bigger crowds, maybe they will buy his lights and glow sticks. Broadway and Griffin was the site of that rowdy party back then, no doubt our collective memory has many looking towards that intersection to see what happens. If anything else goes down, I may go back.

PS. Looks like some are throwing trashcans at cops cars and rocking them over at Staples: the generalized hatred for the police has a funny way of showing itself.

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  1. THANK YOU for your intrepid reporting!!! I was in Eagle Rock watching True Blood but we heard screams and firecrackers at one point and paused it to switch over and found out… hey LAKERVILLE.

  2. I think you missed the part where the trash cans on Broadway were set on fire. These are the ones we saw on fire. They didn’t burn the Sloan’s trash can. They know better than that.

    These are the ones I saw flamin’

    Lincoln Mini Mall
    El Trebol

    If only they knew what a pain in the butt it was to get those trash cans up for our community.

    Que pena!

  3. What also went up in flames yesterday was the ace in the hole for us Kings fans: “Let’s see Kobe win one without Shaq!”.

    As if we weren’t owned already, now we’re pwned to the 3rd power.

    Orlando’s a fuggin joke. How’d they even get to the finals? When you can’t win a home game down 2 to 1, you don’t belong in the finals. Period. They, and you guys, for that matter, are lucky Garnett was injured. Otherwise they’d be burning trash cans in Boston right now. That’s all this hater from Sacramento has to say. 🙂

    Oh, speaking of wild celebrations in Boston…when the Patriots won it in 2004 a guy was actually killed when when someone plowed their SUV into a crowd he was standing in. He was also the son of a cop, for measure. Story just fizzled away. It was all about the Patriots winning and New England celebrating! Woo hoo!

  4. At the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl about 10,000 people had Laker gear on. We had on cool black t shirts that had the Laker logo and said
    Viva Los Lakers that my son scored for us.
    The whole place was listening to the Laker game and when they won and the game was over a huge celebration started and waving Laker flags and lots of high fives and cheering took place. This was right in the middle of a great rocking set by Patti Austin, she didn’t flinch and grabbed that energy of the crowd and worked it hard with the old disco tune “Disco Inferno”.
    What a performer! A real Pro.
    Viva Los Lakers!

    PS Hey Rob maybe the Sac Queens can get back Turkulu, I hears he’s looking for some more feria and a new home in the sticks.

  5. YEAH! OUR TEAM WON! LETS CELEBRATE BY BURNING *HIT! Wait, what?!?! We love our team and our town so we burn it down?!?

    Pinche raza no se aguanta!

    I guess its the same everywhere…maybe I can score a free HDTV if everyone goes ape shit at the parade…

  6. UnGalan, at least there were no deaths. San Francisco can’t say the same for their 1995 Super Bowl celebration, nor can New England for their 2004 celebration. Both celebrations left a body on the streets. Seems to me LA’s celebrations are relatively peaceful in comparison.

    DQ, I don’t see the Maloofs really trying to build a team in Sac again, I think they’re eyeing Vegas. But them making a bid for Hedo would definitely be an indication that they’re trying to get the Kings back in play. How about making a play for Shaq, too? The Maloofs have the deep pockets for it. But I don’t think they care anymore. We’ll see. Still got my cowbell from ’02.

  7. Rob the Maloofs have very deep pockets indeed thanks to the old man Joe Maloof who had all the beer distribution in the state of New Mexico. He made a fortune and the family is hooked up politically now because of it.
    The Maloof Bros have the Palms Hotel in Vegas amoung other things. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the main movers who are trying to get a Pro basketball team in Vegas, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some action to move the Sac Kings to Vegas. Shack and Turkalu would be a good start along with Odom or Ariza who are free agents after this season.
    I hope the world champion Lakers keep them both though and win another title next year.

    Very telling when racists like the trolls start the phony hysterics about a “Major Riot” by “raza” when even Chief Bratton stated it was only a few knuckleheads who didn’t cause much more than a fart in a thunderstorm.
    Go Lakers! World Champs, Viva!

  8. I was watching channel 9 news when the Lakers won the championship. They showed rioting by Staples. Then they show everyone from East L.A. and the news reporter said that this is the way to celebrate. It made me so proud to be from East Los Angeles and how proud I am of my hometown people. God Bless everyone from East Los Angeles.

  9. I went towards North Broadway and all I seen was a taxi cab parked at Bi-rite Market aka the store with flies…The streets were dead around 10pm..

    El Chavo! You got my x in one of those pics…Too funny…AHEM!

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