Men, check your balls

The first week of April, 1-7, is testicular cancer awareness week. If it wasn’t for the gals over at I heart guts, who made the awesome chart above, I wouldn’t have known this week was TCAW, I thought it was just Easter. So men, get to know your boys a little close this week and give yourself a self exam because early detection is the best way to stop and get rid of testicular cancer.  So what exactly is testicular cancer ? Google health defines it as, “cancer that starts in the testicles, the male reproductive glands located in the scrotum.” It seems that there are no detailed specifics on what causes the cancer in individuals, besides a family history or abnormalities in that region. Symptoms range from nothing to pain in that region, back/abdomen, enlargement of testis and the one you look out for the most is lumps or unusual swelling.

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