Siempre En Domingo

I was researching a new project tonight and out of no where I started singing the opening theme of Siempre en Domingo (R.I.P. Raul Velasco) I’m thinking the root is from my cousin e-mailing this past Saturday a photo I have never seen of him, his sister and I as kids standing in from of my abuelita’s house.

As a young sprite, on Sundays two things were a given, 1. I’d watch Siempre En Domingo 2. I’d get my domingo from my abuelita and/or my abuelito.  My domingo (I guess you could say it was like my allowance from my grandparents) from my abuelita would come in either a handkerchief or paper towel that was bunched up at the top and closed with a rubber band.  Domingo from my abuelito would just be handed to me.  I liked my abuelita’s wrapping better.  They hated each other but they loved me.  (R.I.P. Sipriana Rivera Razo & Juan Rivera)

Do kids still get domingo?