Siempre En Domingo

I was researching a new project tonight and out of no where I started singing the opening theme of Siempre en Domingo (R.I.P. Raul Velasco) I’m thinking the root is from my cousin e-mailing this past Saturday a photo I have never seen of him, his sister and I as kids standing in from of my abuelita’s house.

As a young sprite, on Sundays two things were a given, 1. I’d watch Siempre En Domingo 2. I’d get my domingo from my abuelita and/or my abuelito.  My domingo (I guess you could say it was like my allowance from my grandparents) from my abuelita would come in either a handkerchief or paper towel that was bunched up at the top and closed with a rubber band.  Domingo from my abuelito would just be handed to me.  I liked my abuelita’s wrapping better.  They hated each other but they loved me.  (R.I.P. Sipriana Rivera Razo & Juan Rivera)

Do kids still get domingo?

2 thoughts on “Siempre En Domingo

  1. I never liked that show as a kid lol I didnt like Sabado Gigante either. I guess if was watching that I was usually bored inside the house. Till this day my parents watch Sabado gigante and I think of bordem when I see it on lol.

  2. HA

    I’m pretty sure there’s a significant age difference between us, so perhaps there were more channel options during your timers. For my dysfunctional family, Siempre En Domingo was one of the only times we spent together when I was a kid. Preteen timers, I had a old hand me down tv in my room so family tv watching ended.

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