Your Stuff to DO!!!

Of course you could go to yet another happy hour (hell it’s going to be vegetarian, vegetarian are good people), another one of “my friend’s” band or even a circle jerk art event. Remember when the art editor of that major paper had a solo show in Chinatown and his paper picked that very horrible show as a pick? Fabulous times. Yeah those are all fabulous times.

But say you went to Catholic school you managed to make it through with no one touching you in a special place. Sister Theresa told you that your life should be one of service, you should be nice to people and the IRA is truly getting a bad rap.

Maybe you’re not Catholic anymore (except during emergencies, you got your Rosary blessed by the pope, I mean they can’t just be beads, it was the pope), maybe you’re not so nice, but that service part was ok and you know, Northern Ireland does belong to Ireland.

Here’s a list of your things to do.

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