Bicycle Theft

I’ve had my fair share of bikes stolen. Usually it happens that one time I stray from my normal routine. Whether it’s locking it up right and in a “safe” location. Putting it inside my house because most bikes are stolen from peoples houses and back yards over night. Point is, theft happens when you fall asleep at the wheel and let your guard down, which is exactly what I did. Granted I had a few chelas and I didn’t want to ride my bike drunk or buzzed because it’s against the law. Even though I only lived a few blocks away, there is no excuse for riding any vehicle drunk. Unless you’re at someones house, then it’s hilarious.

But the point I’m trying to make, which is also a friendly reminder to everyone else too, is to make sure is that you should always secure your bike and be mindful of it. Have a nice, strong lock on it and lock it right. Don’t ride drunk or buzzed, even though I did that once from Chinatown and it was a blast, I could have gotten seriously hurt. And don’t make the mistake I made in thinking that just because you don’t have the best looking bike, no one would want to steal it. Take it from me, these bike thieves will steal ANYTHING. Putos. More and more people have been telling me that they’ve have their rides stolen too. Supply and demand I guess. It’ll take me a while to find another bike, but it’s the principality of the thing you know ? That and me being stupid for one minute, which is all it took. So, learn from my lesson and don’t get too comfortable cause that’s when they’ll get ya. And it sucks that I have to say this because I would like to have faith in people and trust them. But sadly, that’s not the way things are.

FYI ~ My bike was stolen from the front door steps of Corazon del Pueblo Friday evening. It was locked to the light post. It’s a woman’s, red Murray, 10 speed bike. Covered in taxi cab stickers in the back and various others on the frame. It had those plastic things that make noise when you ride. Only one brake on the left hand side, duct take on the left handle bar and went by the name “little kramer.” If you see it, holla at me. It occurred to me to make a report at the Hollenbeck PS, but I realized that the cops had better things to do than worry about my stolen bike.