“Los Cerebros Infernales”

Growing up on Lucha Libre was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. My father was a luchador in his time known as “Chamaco Moctezuma” and he would have made it to the big time if some idiot didn’t dislocated his shoulder because of jealousy. Plus the fact that he had a family to support, he left that life behind, but he never stopped loving it. I still have feint memories of those years in which my father was wrestling his heart out. Memories of going to matches to even meeting other wrestlers come and go, but his love and passion for the business was instilled in me. Wrestling in Mexico is a phenomenon in itself and regarded with much more respect and love than here in the U.S. Luchadores like “El Santo,” “Blue Demon,” “El Perro Aguallo,” “Tinieblas,” “Atlantis,” “El Rayo de Jalisco,” “Mil Mascaras” and “Mascara Sagrada” are my heroes to this day because I have a devout love and passion for Lucha Libre. Part of that passion was instilled by not only watching their matches, but from watching their awesomely bad movies.

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