“Los Cerebros Infernales”

Growing up on Lucha Libre was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. My father was a luchador in his time known as “Chamaco Moctezuma” and he would have made it to the big time if some idiot didn’t dislocated his shoulder because of jealousy. Plus the fact that he had a family to support, he left that life behind, but he never stopped loving it. I still have feint memories of those years in which my father was wrestling his heart out. Memories of going to matches to even meeting other wrestlers come and go, but his love and passion for the business was instilled in me. Wrestling in Mexico is a phenomenon in itself and regarded with much more respect and love than here in the U.S. Luchadores like “El Santo,” “Blue Demon,” “El Perro Aguallo,” “Tinieblas,” “Atlantis,” “El Rayo de Jalisco,” “Mil Mascaras” and “Mascara Sagrada” are my heroes to this day because I have a devout love and passion for Lucha Libre. Part of that passion was instilled by not only watching their matches, but from watching their awesomely bad movies.

 I loved watching “El Santo” and “Blue Demon” fighting side by side or alone against dracula, frankenstein, the werewolf man, mummies and even the KKK. Then you have the occasional evil scientist who needs to be stopped because of the horrible crimes they’re committing against nature. In this delightful romp, which I got for a buck at the 99 cent store, pits “Blue Demon” against and I quote,“El Heroe de la lucha libre “Blue Demon” ayuda a la policia an su batalla contra un malvado doctor y su tropa de mujeres zombis.”  “Blue Demon” must use all of his wrestling skills to help the police fight off woman zombies controlled by an evil doctor. If that’s not the premise for a great movie I don’t know what is.

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  1. haha oh man, I love Blue Demon & Santo peliculas. They always go up against some weird people. There are some where they’re going against what they think is a monster but in the end it turns out to be someone in disguise like on scooby doo where they unmask the monster in the end. That happened when Santo found some ancient mummie tomb. I’ve been watching luchador movies since I was a little kid. unfortunately I’ve never been to a lucha libre match. the closest I’ve gotten is watching them on tv.

  2. Yes! I am very proud of my big collection of Mexican Wrestler movies on DVD. My favorite Santo film is Operacion ’66 where he drives a badass white Corvette with super gadgets a la 007.
    I also like the films where he battled Las Brujas and The Martian Invasion. I have fond memories of seeing El Santo & Blue Demon perform live on stage at the Million Dollar theater downtown, back in the day. Thanks for the post! Great Memories!

  3. those are bad ass movies, i recently bought one on ebay and i was watching it at home and my 4 year old fell in love with el santo and blue demon. I knew he liked american wrestling, which i think is trash, but im so glad that he likes what i liked as a kid. I’ve been looking
    all over the place to get more but they are hard to find. Which 99 cents store did you go to?

    urbanista, i’ve seen matando cabos, great movie, one of my top 10. tony el canibal is my hero lol

  4. I always hated Lucha Libre! Not because I didn’t like wrestling but because it was sooo fake and corny! lol…but the funny thing was one day I was riding my bike in ELA around Olympic and Soto in the backstreets when I seen a sigh for a Lucha Libre School! That shit was funny I might get you the addressee Random!
    Here is a cool book though that I got for my friend who is all into it.


  5. Hate is such a strong word malandrina. I’m not going to get all insane about it but yes wrestling is FAKE and that’s the point. It’s a show and it’s PURE entertainment. For someone like me who grew up with it, I love the honor and traditions that go with lucha libre but to most people it just seems like a waste of time. I can explain it to you if you want but I know you just don’t see it the way I do. I’ve seen that book before and it’s pretty cool. It’ll make a great gift for anyone lucha libre fan…hint…hint…hint

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