The “Take Our Jobs” Campaign

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Arturo Rodriguez
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Last summer while I was visiting my family out in Utah I tried my hand at working at a farm picking raspberries. My family did it every season because it was good money and the farm owners needed the help harvesting. I put in a days work and I said to myself never again. Picking raspberries out there wasn’t as labor intensive and demanding as picking grapes, lettuce and other foods out in the valleys here in California. Or having to live out there and breathing in all that pesticide and chemicals used out there. But half way into the day my arms were scratched up, I was sneezing, I had watery eyes from all the pollen and my back was already aching from all the bending. There’s no machine or technique for this kind of work. It has to be done by hand and with care, other wise it all goes to waste.

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