Fiesta Broadway 2009


This years fiesta sucked ass !!! It will never be as I remember it when I was a kid, walking around with my parents and sisters getting in lines to get free samples of things we don’t need and taking pictures with celeb look-a-likes. What happened to you Fiesta Broadway ? How did you lose your heart ? Did you even have one to begin with ? I know that the corporate advertising is part of you, but companies use to give out WAY better things. Now, your lucky if you even get a stupid pamphlet telling you to buy some crap you don’t need. Sigh… this years fiesta really was no different than last years and Chavo posted a good photo essay, which was ok I guess. I think mine is better, but I’ll let you’se guys decide. Sigamen los valientes !!!!!!!

img_1071 I was able to get outta work early and I dediced to pass by to see what this years fiesta would bring. First thing I notice right off the bat is the creepy clown slanging balloons to kids for a dolla. Burn in hell clown !!!!!

img_1072I also noticed that this years fiesta had a heavy police presence. More so than last years. In fact, as I was walking toward the fiesta, one of the guys in yellow shirts asked me to open my back pack so he can see what I had inside. I asked him why and he said that last year someone took glass bottles and started fighting with people. My guess is that they got mad from waiting in line for a some toohpaste and felt like he got the short end of the stick.

img_1073This vato was riding around the whole time handing out business cards. It matched his fake Burt Reynolds mustache.

img_1074“Repent now Mexicans,” said the Jebus guy on the megaphone. No body paid attention to him, they were more concerned with making line to go get free energy drinks.

img_1075It’s not a nopal, but close enough. I think it’s standard for a Mexican guy with an over sized sombrero to be at these things.


I have a special bone to pick with Metro this time around. First off what the hell, I can understand the detours on regular bus routes, but the damn drivers don’t bother to stop. You literally have to wave them down to the point that you have to jump in front of them so they can stop and pick you up. I will say that one bus driver was cool and did stopped twice to pick me up and for that I’m greatful, but today was the worst. I was trying to make my way to commerce and the damn rapid buses, which were suppose to make stops on Main st. didn’t. They just zoomed by leaving people to bake in the fucking sun. I myself got fed up with it and skated home instead of dealing with the freaking bus. I made it home arouund the same time the bus did. On a side note, the lady at the booth did hook it up with a cool Metro pin.

img_1078It’s funny to see how people croweded around a police cruiser to see what they have inside. The reactions people hasd made it seem like they just had seen a transformer.

img_1081After getting a good look at their rides, people were taking pics on those robo-scooters the cops roll around in. The guy in the picture was thinking how sweet it would be to ride one of those to work.

img_1082This kid was just hagning around

img_1083“You mean to tell me I can’t keep the velcro suit ?”

img_1084And the campaign to help people go digital continues….

img_1085Nothing goes best with an over sized torta than an over sized fruit drink in a plastic tube thing.

img_1086I bet if I had a booth and charged for energy drinks, kids would want my autograph too

img_1088“Which way to Chavez and Soto ?”

img_1089The army trying to sign them up while they’re young.

img_1090Everyone loves a man and woman in uniform.

img_1094Just like last year the army has its little station signing people up, taking their info and pictures so they can plug it into their database of spam emails and annoying phones calls. This time around they offered people dog tags if they sign up.

img_1096Doyers !!!!

img_1098I have no idea what the hooters girls are doing at a family event. As you can see from this picture, apparently nothing.

img_1102There’s soo many things wrong with this game I don’t know where to start.

img_1103It’s everyone’s favorite radio station !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

img_1104They have a way of captivating their audience

img_1106These guys got pulled over because they were having way too much fun. So much fun that the cops looked all over the escalade to find the fun they were stashing.

13 thoughts on “Fiesta Broadway 2009

  1. trucha eh !! I’m right behind you. By the time I take over they’ll be calling you El Viejo loco who yells at kids for throwing their balls over his fence and gives away fruits for Halloween.

  2. Yeah it seemed way to over security. I did not go but even just a little while ago they still had the streets blocked and it’s almost midnight. I hope the Wilmas one is better.

  3. we won a stuffed nemo fish by not throwing any pingpong balls into the tiny li’l jars.

  4. I was mad that I had to work yesterday. im glad to hear it sucked & didn’t miss anything. even mi abuelita said it sucked.

  5. “I also noticed that this years fiesta had a heavy police presence. More so than last years.”

    synonymous with the increased corporate presence?

    The Hooters girls photo is funny. I wonder if there’s a particular Hooters with that many Latinas, or if corporate put out a memo to all locations in the LA area to send their Latina employees to the event. I’ve been to a few Hooters, you know, because it was just the nearest restaurant getting off the freeway…. I’ve only seen minority “hooters girls” on a token level.

  6. I never understood why people would wait in line for more than 45 minutes to spin a wheel or do something to get some cheap prize. I remember my co-workers going to Fiesta Broadway to work at the booths to give say a flimsy frisbee or miniature soap bars.

    “I wonder if there’s a particular Hooters with that many Latinas, or if corporate put out a memo to all locations in the LA area to send their Latina employees to the event.”

    Yeah, over at 960 S. Gerhart Ave in Commerce… erhh… wait, that’s Nicola’s. Sorry, wrong venue. 😉

  7. This is the first time I went to Fiesta Broadway. It was a good experience. But the main thing I went for is to support Grupo Folklórico Orgullo Mexicano. Did enyone see them? They performed on channel 22 stage on Broadway and 1st.

  8. “This years Fiesta sucked ass!!!”

    Let’s see: free concert from Paquita la del Barrio, el Chapo de Sinaloa, and many others;
    free family event with no admission charge, celebrating Mexican culture;
    great food;
    free give-aways from sponsors;

    So, it’s not your cup of tea, does that make it suck?
    I will never understand haters.

  9. I remember fiesta broadway being a two day event with about 3-6 stages. there was a fair….and back when i was 6 or 7 the Army was not heavily recruiting.

    Sigh, it did suck this year. I saw people waiting in line to get free diet cokes…like wtf.

    There was no line at the MEtro booth…where I thankfully got some bus schedules. 🙂

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