Rosca De Reyes

There’s a plastic baby in my rosca !!!! 

One of my favorite things about having a rich cultural Mexican heritage is celebrating traditions and eating some of the best food in the world, like the rosca de reyes. I’m my house my mom tried to instill the history and tradition that came along with the rosca, but I never really paid attention because I was too busy trying to find the plastic baby before anyone else. I always knew as the bread with the baby inside and if you get the baby that means that you have to host the rosca party next year. When someone did get it, everyone would start laughing and poking fun at the person, but more than anything, I remembered that the rosca was one of the few times my family came together like a “real” family. Great food always brought us together. Course you can’t have rosca without champurado(mexican hot chocolate). Mmm….

17 thoughts on “Rosca De Reyes

  1. I was reading an online news portal for Puerto Vallarta and it was pretty much giving gloomy news about the local economy and it also pointed out how bad la crisis was — Rosca de Reyes sales were down 35% from last year.

  2. “why do they put so many monos in them now. There should only be 1.” Teck, with la crisis in full force, it would be too costly for 1 person to host 😉 Need to get as many babies in there as possible to make it easier to host and probably more food.

  3. i dont mean to be nasty or vulgar, but take a close look at the monito, is he holding on to a gigantic penis?

  4. Speaking of rosca, my homies do biweekly podcasts on cultural & urban themes.

    The link is for their podcast on Roscas:

    A year ago, I met a pair of señoras (mother and daughter) that have a huge nacimiento at a house in Lincoln Heights. They do a bash on the Feb 2. Yal’l can party there, they have a beautiful Crafstman home..and a taco joint right in front of their house. Weird lot configuration.

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