Some Stuff I Saw on Halloween

The great thing about Halloween is that it’s a non-commital holiday; everyone loves the day but you don’t have to spend it with your boring family, unless that’s your decision. Religious and traditional holidays were you can’t really escape, now those are a chore, but this one you get to decide what you want to do! I didn’t have any set plans but I did have some stuff to do, so I brought my camera along and took some pics. Wanna see what I saw? Click ahead fool!

Some Cal Trans Pumpkin head dude told us to move the car cuz the highway sweepers were coming, even though this was on city streets! A ghost has lost its way.

This yard in Lincoln Heights always has some massacre scene out front, bodies strewn everywhere. If this was on the westside, this might be making national news by now, mainly cuz one of the lawn bodies looks like Nader. At least a little.

It’s a fact that access to Whiffle bats is the main reason for the increase of Whiffle bat deaths. When will the senseless toy violence end?

Vato, I told you! If you eat more than 3 tamales at a sitting you are going to hate life. And did you ever stop to think about the starving bodies right behind you? Serves you right, ya greedy bastard!

Full Mexican pride flying on Halloween. That was unexpected.

Lil’ Spiderman with a purple witch hat. I bet he wants to be a fashion designer in the future.

Drove by Evergreen and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

A nice Dia de Muertos altar at an office on Brooklyn.

Satanas! He was bigger than I remembered.

Serial Killer falls asleep on the job. Back in my day, you could trust a killer to get the job done before they took a nap. How times have changed.

This is what happens when you push your beautician too far: “You want your highlights to really stand out? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”

One of the best things I saw today also serves as a reminder: don’t carve your pumpkins too early.

It’s tempting to get started early on the halloween spirit, but trust me, the pumpkins should be one of the last details you take care of. Here we see why: some nice design turns into a toothless grandpa under the relentless Los Angeles heat.

I sure do hope they still lit these withering pumpkins tonite, cuz they certainly have some charm to them.

Hmm, cara de un gran putazo? Ay guey, si que to ves jodido.

Molacha lambe la quacha!

WTF? My mind is too blown to comment.

Waiting outside of some lousy shop called ChimMaya in Monterey Park (where they hawk you for no apparent reason and scold you that pictures are not allowed, even when nobody is taking pictures of their crappy wares) I got to see this odd group of singing ladies. Their song? Something about the blood of Jesus. Not sure if they were planning to drink it like vampires or convert it into a fancy wine, but even on Halloween, that shit creeped me out!

Interesting display marred by deflated figures not ready to do their part. Fancy technology should not be leading us to these temporary as-long-as-the-power-is-on displays, that shit is weak.

I took a pic of these front yard figures and only later did I spot the resting cholo ghost in between the scenes. Wahwahwah!!!!

Over in the SGV some people put effort into their yard displays, including this homemade guillotine.

This place also had a noose ready in case they need to take out a few troublemakers.

That guy is screaming cuz he just saw the bill from the Mortuary! Didn’t tia know she was too poor to die?

Full on Pirate ship!

“I see a future of aimless wandering, with no sense of direction, almost as if you lost your head. Oh, wait..”

Died at 31 and still couldn’t afford the other shoe. Que lastima.

Another cool yard, this one in Monterey Park. The guy said he’d been working on this for days.

Now this is creepy! I think it’s a scene from the Exorcist, I wish I could have come back at night to watch the head spin!

She’s really let herself go.

Here we see how this chest has been rigged to scare kids as they walk by, via some cables and strings. Notice the muertos driving the bug as well.

Hanging cages were all the rage this year.

Dude, shouldn’t you be getting ready or something? Halloween and quite a few people were still fishing at the lake.

A pirate girl shares some of her candy loot. I just love this Commie holiday!

Some caped crusader on the move.

Calavera punk tips his hat.

And on that note, I leave you to your own revelry! Hope you had a good one!

4 thoughts on “Some Stuff I Saw on Halloween

  1. El Chavo,

    its time to ditch your GPS… unless Monterey Park annexed East LA along Beverly Blvd., but last time I checked, it was still East LA (unincorporated). 😉

  2. Awesome shots! Love the use of Beauty School Heads for Halloween displays! One great thing I love about Halloween on the Eastside is that you don’t have to clean up all of the crap & junk you normally have piled up on your front yard.
    You just add a few spider webs and a skull or two to it and it all looks like part of the decor plan!

  3. Al,

    I sprayed my computer screen with soda when I read your comment. I’ve seen a lot of houses that look pretty scary even when Halloween is 10 months away.

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