Hallowin Is Here!

Last year I was lucky enough to be in Mexico around this time and got to see many of the Dia de Muertos festivities AND their incorporation of Hallowin (jaja!) into the season. If Frankenstein’s Monster can get into the spirit by sharing a big ass Pan de Muerto with his ghouly friends, then surely we can do a little cross cultural pollination of our own, que no? Have fun mixing it up this weekend!

7 thoughts on “Hallowin Is Here!

  1. I remember that my dad would never let us carve pumpkins because it was wasteful… Instead we would eat pumpkin and other types of squash — endulzada con piloncillo (panocha as we called it in my hometown or raw cane sugar).

    Don’t be surprised if you receive “tommy’s” or “chicles motitas”, pulparindos and maybe mazapanes around my neighborhood.

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