“La Crisis” continues…

In a moment of historic drama in the Capitol and on Wall Street, the House of Representatives voted to reject a $700 billion rescue of the financial industry. ~ New York Times 

BAILOUT FAILS; STOCKS PLUNGE Dow Loses 777 Points After Vote ~ New York Times 

Washington Mutual Bank Failure Biggest in U.S. History ~ LA Times

On my way home Sunday from work I made it a point to stop by store and take a picture of it. It seems that “La Crisis” just keeps getting worse and worse. Even if that Obama poster is a bargain at $14.99, I’d rather use that money to buy food. I may not know much about the stock market or fully grasp what’s going on right now, but I do know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. On the brighter side of things, “The Doyers” are in the playoffs. One way or another I feel a riot coming on.

11 thoughts on ““La Crisis” continues…

  1. even republicans on capitol hill voted against the bailout.
    maybe what this country’s economy really needs is a thorough and complete enema…

  2. time to make a run to your bulk sale grocery store to stock up on non-perishable food and water.

  3. MV,
    I don’t like Villaraigosa’s plan only because of the time when he is proposing it. This is the worse time to announce a large-scale housing project like his.

  4. You know why they are proposing all of this mixed income housing now? Because they promised these developers cash and now that the people’s disposable income are gone they are now going to go to the gov’t, so that rich people can continue to make money (using our money of course.)

    People think the rich aren’t going to get bailed out. HA-HA-HA…yes they will. That “We’re not going to bail them out” was just a show. Their bail out will be decorated and named all kinds of programs that seem like they are helping us when in reality it has nothing to do with us. (Check out Yes Prime Minister, it explains what I am saying in a much more entertaining way.)

    Just like that LA River thing. We fix it, clean it, make it nice, community organize and then they build big houses that the average person can’t even afford on it.

    It’s based in greed and selfishness, not that it can’t have good results. We’ll get some crumbs, but this has nothing to do with people and all to do with developers.

    It’s just like affirmative action. They built all of these colleges for baby boomers and by the time Generation X came along there was no kids to fill them. They had to come up with a fake reason to get the gov’t to pick up the slack. Their great idea, affirmative action (f*** fixing the high schools or elementary schools or making sure people’s parents have jobs, that won’t help people with money directly and immediately) that way they can say they are being diverse and get extra dollars for each kid they let in under it, helping their schools to stay open.

    Notice how when the population of college aged kids went up all of a sudden affirmative action was bad, yeah it was bad because they have enough kids to stuff into the dorms to make the cash. It’s not worth it anymore.

    All of these helping programs in the end are set up to help the rich the most, but maybe we can make a good stew with the cast offs.


  5. “Just like that LA River thing. We fix it, clean it, make it nice, community organize and then they build big houses that the average person can’t even afford on it”

    This true I can imagine this happening sooner or later,”Beautiful townhouse overlooking the historical Los Angeles River” only $1.5 million! but with this recession we’ll lower the price to $989,000!

  6. As Ennis Del Mar of Brokeback Mountain has said….

    “I got nothing…… I need nothing” (paraphrasing here) as he told Alma in the last 15 minutes of the film.

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