“La Crisis”

fruit cart

After I deposited some long over due client checks at the ATM outside of Lucy’s Laundry Mart, I went over to the fruit cart to get my custom bag of fruit with lime, salt and chile. I hadn’t been in a minute. I was excited.

As a solopreneur, I have for sure felt the blow of this f-ed up economy. I figured its summer timers and the fruit cart biz must be a booming, right? WRONG!

I started up convo with the fruit cart man and asked him what time he’s usually done for the day. He said that sometimes he’s there until 6pm. I was like really?! I told him I thought with it being Summer timers he’d be done by mid-afternoon. He said that most summers its like that but not now with “la crisis”, making people pinch every penny.


9 thoughts on ““La Crisis”

  1. cnn’s christianne amanpour was quietly told by new york city officials that after 911, new york was kept afloat by the resourcefulness of hard working immigrants…this churro vendor is keeping the economy going, although he’s hurting as well…

    drop by barriowindow.blogspot.com

  2. I suspected that there was a Fruta “crisis” when I noticed my mango slices were getting a little thinner and lately I was getting only one “shake” of the chili powder.
    I don’t mind cutting back on my gasoline & energy consumption, but I won’t compromise on my Cocos Helados! Chingao!!

  3. luckily, “la crisis” hasn’t hit this cart bad enough where he skimps on things. He actually asked if i wanted extra chile y limon.

    praise the lord jesus

  4. chimatli- i was thinking the same thing “la crisis” has now been added to the vocab.
    gracias for the kind words. let’s see how long i go without any typos and hella f-ed up grammar. who’s to say really. always an adventure.

  5. The fruit vendor around my area got kind of expensive too, I am sure to pay for costs but the big bag of fruit is 6 bucks with all the fruit then there is a 4 doller one with only certain fruit. He puts enough chili,lemon,ect but it def has gone up.
    A long time ago when I would go to carnivals,street fairs ect it usually was 1 or 2 dollers for fruta but yeah economey and times are changing and affecting even our vendors

  6. dona junta – sounds like its hit that company harder. I remember 1 and 2 dollar fruit bag days. this joint is on sunset and alvarado and 4 and 5 bucks bag but you still get to customize.

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