Out the Window

L.A. Woman from Out the Window on Vimeo.

A while back, Victoria wrote about the Freewaves project, “Out the Window.” Well, the videos are finally up and running on Metro buses and they’re online for folks to check out as well. I hate riding the bus, so I’ve been checking them out online instead. Way easier and with none of the awkwardness that comes with public transportation.

Aside from VD’s “L.A. Woman” vid, other submissions that made the cut include a piece on the Maravilla Handball Courts,by Manuel Huerta, Raul Baltazar as Tochtli 7 (the Aztec Bunny) and his adventure at the Chinese New Year Parade and Boyle Heights, as seen by Allen Colombo.

There are 60 different artist participating in total and the videos will be featured from October to November. A different 2-minute video will play each day, appearing once per hour, every hour. Check out their website to stay up to date on the newest videos they feature, an interactive map of L.A. that highlights where some of these videos were produced and the subjects in them. The project was a collaboration between Freewaves and UCLA REMAP.

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  1. Ahhh–thank you my darling. I have been so busy—-over booked as usual. Too busy to even pause and see all the goodness around me. I saw the tweet for this last night (got curious) and just now came on to check it out—what a lovely surprise! I am proud of this exhibit—being one of 30 artists selected out of 200. I am so thrilled that you wrote a special blog (no cut and paste—je je). Miss you. Will call you when I come out of my abyss. Thanks for being raza, hommie.

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