4 thoughts on “Have You Tried Them Yet ?

  1. my security word was -burnit ? lol

    from my sources- it is a regional test only in Socal (of course geared at the fastest growing population in the USA #Hispanics #Latinos) and if it does well then it will possibly rolled out to all of the southwest.
    Chips are tops in the West but in the Midwest its all about the pretzels.
    Tapatio is based in Socal -Vernon? and FritoLay is over in Tejas.

    FYI- in the south they give and let kids have mountain dew and in LA its the chips- Doritos- papitas- both are Pepsi owned…coincidence?

    and if you notice the weight/ounces in chip bags and do the math it comes out to like $6 a lbs or even more in some cases.

    – te arde la lengua?
    ponle limon! 🙂

  2. They may be OK, I haven’t tried them yet, I do know Mr. Saavedra the founder of the company and his family…. but I prefer Dorito’s “Taco” Flavor best, the one they released in the 70’s!!

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