Nominated: Worst Water Feature in LA County

It’s hard to get a good picture from a moving vehicle and this is the best I could do. What you kinda see in that picture above is a ridiculous aesthetic touch for that new mall in Monterey Park on Atlantic by the 10, better known as the newest location of Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant, after being forced to relocate from this very spot to allow for the development of this very mall! Wherever they go they still make great food. Too bad the new place is a drab and lifeless stucco enclosure, no doubt some vision of the future of yet another lousy developer.

Which brings us back to that aesthetic touch, a water feature in the underground parking lot, which you only notice on the way out. There is something dehumanizing about this fountain. A miserable attempt at having you leave the miserable development in a better mood because you saw some water floating by. It ends up only highlighting the lifelessness of the whole structure, reminding you of how unnatural this all is, a fucking mini-river on your way out of an ugly underground parking structure. Lipstick on a corpse.

If you plan to visit this waterwork, take the exit to Hellman which is where you will find this refreshing addition to our social car lives. Don’t you dare park to get a closer view, the river of cars need to keep flowing!

Yes, I hereby nominate this as the Worst Water Feature in LA County. There just can’t be anything else as absurd, can there?

5 thoughts on “Nominated: Worst Water Feature in LA County

  1. I’m sure a contractor netted about 100k of tax payer money just for that fountain, for about a week’s work of procuring product and delegating labor. That wouldn’t be a bad pay day for a state that’s “broke”.

  2. It tripped me out when I saw it.
    I use the gym there and thought it might be part of a filtering system for the pool or saunas.

  3. my security word was – desmadre…exactly what that development is!

    Atlantic Times Square

    originally the residents of MP wanted- national chains -so they wouldnt have to go to other cities- spend their money inside their city.

    There was suppose to be an AppleBee’s – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Chili’s, Quizno’s etc.
    Instead the only national chains they got are Cold Stone Creamery, Johnny Rockets, AMC and 24 hour fitness. 4 that is not 51% #FAIL.

    I havent visited yet but initially i know that Verizon and Tmobile had signed up for pads out in the front facing the street- i guess that also didnt happen.

  4. How is it that I wasn’t surprised that some butt ugly feature would be in my lovely hometown? Over the years I watched development after development, business and residential get built with little thought to the surroundings, good design or originality.
    It was a nice place to grow up. What a waste…

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