Annoying Gifts Depot!

Say its Administrative Professionals Day and you need to get something for that annoying and loud receptionist at the front desk. You know, just so she doesn’t keep reminding you about forgetting for the remainder of the year. Or more practically, so that she might overlook your habitual tardiness. But where does one find the crap paraphernalia by which to appease the West Covina set? I’m always amazed at the mounds of trash people describe as ‘cute’ and even more incredulous that said items were available at an actual store. In the modern era. Plus I can barely believe they chose to look at these items, out of their own volition, all day long, at the place at which they toil, the 40hr cemetery, the drudgeria, all day long, can’t-wait-for-the-clock-to-tick, temple to mediocrity, the workplace,  anything but here, yes sir, no sir, thank you for calling, please hold, staff meeting at noon, a dozen donuts in the break room, performance evaluation, consider your IRA, no personal calls please, submit to your KRONOS master, donation envelope for ultra-sugary B-day cake of person down the hall, sign up for reduced price tickets to shitty local outing by noon, waiting to go home, the CFO wants to treat your dept to a “friendly” get-to-know-me-but-mandatory fast food lunch, the workload and stress piles on, yet the obnoxious receptionist expects you to join in with chatter about their stupid offspring and its impending move to some lousy college.

But yeah, so back on topic, you need to buy some junk? Let me show you where!

Alhambra Beauty Supply! Maybe you are avoiding Monterey Park because of a certain false shoplifting charge and are wary of caressing the lovely figurines at Heavenly Choice, lest temptation lead you astray. Or possibly you just want to remember your trip to Granada, thus a dip into the equally awesome Alhambra. I don’t know when or why, but at some point in your miserable trajectory of “office work” you will thank me for making you aware of this Betty Poop Resource Center. Plus 10 % off on Tuesdays!

Yer Welcome!

Alhambra Beauty Supply & Salon   626.281.2790
445 W Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801


Seemingly done with no irony, a “Thank you for all your Blessings Lord” design competes with the Poop-Poop-A-Doopster for a bit of your emotional coinage.

Please don’t feed the pander-handlers.

3 thoughts on “Annoying Gifts Depot!

  1. that “40 hour cemetery” diatribe was enough for me. betty funny. thank you for calling…

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