4 thoughts on “Grupo Latas

  1. Thanks for the show, Chavo. Hope he was supported with a few US dollars for his performance. A lot better than what I hear on my occasional listen through Pop Radio while driving on Eastside side streets.

  2. The man who posted this video (fredyvd) say’s,

    “para todas esas personas que me preguntan de donde es este talentoso artista.Bueno yo fredy soy el creador de este famoso video y quiero decirles que yo lo grave en las hermosas playas de _Manzanillo Colima_ la playa donde lo encontre se llama _la boquita_,no agan caso de las perosnas que dicen que es de acapulco.”

    fredyvd 1 year ago

    God bless this young man, who does what it takes to put food on the table for his mother and siblings. He does have a comical charm, I don’t know how long I’d be able to contain my enjoyable laughter. (?) But I wouldn’t have left without giving him a Twenty or more. Don’t know his aim is to be funny but I admire this young person.

  3. Oye? y sabes cómo lo puedo contactar? Me gustaría invitarlo a tocar a un evento… gracias!

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