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Spotted at the parking lot of my local Big Saver, where the light poles double as an information exchange board. The sign and the marker linked website don’t have too much information on the situation, besides letting us know that Frankie Gamez, of Los Apson fame, needs some monetary help. Plus there’s a bank account number and an Arizona prison address in case you are inclined to write to Frankie.  But the fact that someone took the time to hand make this sign hints that this aging 60’s rock group still has some caring fans.

Maybe this video will remind you of some of the hits by Los Apson.

3 thoughts on “Frankie Fan

  1. Wow, sucks to hear about this, my parents listened to Los Apson and I still listen to them now, they had a unique sound and didn’t just translate English/American rock songs to Spanish; they put their own unique twist on them.

    I would like to know a little more about this, so I would appreciate additional info (going to search Google now to find out more about this).

  2. hola a todos los fans de frankie gamez muchas gracias yo soy un gra amigo de frankie somos dos personas que abrimos dos cuentas para ayudar a nuestro gran musico y amigo una cuenta esta aqui en u s a y la otra esta en mexico el numero de cuenta es.202-7585836 en banamex y el otro numero en u s a es 4880 2417 3522 en bank of america.muchas gracias yo se que todos unidos lo podemos lograr.saludos desde texas victor peralta

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