Drill Baby Drill

The Arrivals-Drill Baby Drill

We’ve mentioned them before but one of the finest music publications in print at the moment is Razorcake Magazine published locally in Highland Park.

The Arrivals new 7″ is one of their latest releases and their song “Drill Baby Drill” is quite timely considering the infuriating news coming from the Gulf region these past weeks.

By the way, I wonder how that cap is working out?

6 thoughts on “Drill Baby Drill

  1. I dig it the most Chimatli! Kind of reminds me of old Iggy Pop or The Plugz, frantic, angry, nuts. And the lyrics “Cease the day”, a play on Saul Bellows “Sieze the Day” 1956 novel is way cool.
    In my opinion, we the people, ought to place a citizens arrest on all those motherfuckers from British Petroleum and hold there ass’s in Florence Super Max until they pay to clean it up and compensate the victims of this disaster, the scamming pricks that they are.
    But maybe the Mayan “Quinto Sol” has fortold the conclusion of modern man’s quest to destroy ourselves and Mother Earth for quick profit and ego driven greed, referred to as Capitalism or more specifically Monopoly Capitalism in it’s purest form.

  2. “referred to as Capitalism or more specifically Monopoly Capitalism in it’s purest form.”

    -Thanks for the marxist view Don Q!…well fundamentally marxian… more specifically Baran and Sweezy (so silly, those two).

    Look, the BP oil spill is a tragedy, agreed, and you have every right to express your frustration and anger, and yes they should be held accountable for their actions financially/criminally. But when you go one step further and condemn (ignorantly) a system that has brought you (cell phones, ipods, ipads, iphones, flat screens, etc) through a radical ideology based on the idea of “fairness”, go that one step further and take into account what happens when an economic system is a tug of war between being completely free and completely central.


  3. Largest gap between the rich and the poor ever but at least we have our iPads!

  4. “-Thanks for the marxist view Don Q!…”

    Oh I see, So anyone who points out the inherent greed and failure’s of Monopoly Capitalism, including the latest manifestation of it’s meltdown, the BP disaster and cover-up in the Gulf of Mexico, is indubitably a Marxist, or is at least advocating a Marxist view? Hmmm, kind of symptomatic of the all too familiar right wing polemicist double speak, and the shrill apologist angst of the fascist reactionaries, that is witnessed nowadays, as the economic system of Capitalism and it’s inevitable offspring, “Monopoly Capitalism”, implodes and devours itself thru avarice, political and economic manipulation, war’s, social unrest, and finally the destruction of nature itself.

    And as far as cellphones and flat screen TV’s, funny, but when I check to see where these are usually manufactured it always reads China or Pakistan, or the Phillipines, or some other country where American jobs have disapeared to, and where wages are measured in pennys and workers rights are non-existant, and environmental laws are considered a nusance and anti business.

    Monopoly Capitalism as “a radical ideology based on the idea of “fairness”,.
    Now thats a new one, it’s a very large stretch but it’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, tell that to the dead workers and the people and animals who are being destroyed and damaged in the Gulf of Mexico at this very moment, and who have had to put up with the lies , coverups, delays, and bullshit that comes from the mouths of the Monopoly Capitalists of British Petroleum Inc.

  5. Capitalism must be the best economic system. After all, those who’ve benefited from it the most say it is. They have no reason to lie. (a little Marxist sarcasm)

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