Save the Spring Street Bridge!

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Despite the city going through one of the worst financial times in it’s existence, they are pushing forward on tearing down the perfectly fine historic Spring Street Bridge to spend tons of city funds to build a brand new one. Very few folks who live in the adjacent communities support this project but despite their protests and objections, the Board of Public Works approved the bridge demolition. It’s now up to the City Council Transportation Committee to approve the project. The Los Angeles Conservancy is asking folks to show up at a hearing tomorrow to protest this unneeded new project and to call for the protection of our beloved little Spring Street Bridge.

Here’s more info from the Los Angeles Conservancy:

The city’s Bureau of Engineering (BOE) is rushing to approve a project that would dramatically widen the 1929 North Spring Street Viaduct — nearly doubling its width, stripping away all historic ornamentation, and eliminating the bridge’s eligibility as a city landmark.

After years of inaction, the BOE is now scrambling for quick approval of this project in order to qualify for $5 million in state funds.

The Conservancy has been advocating for an alternative that would retrofit the historic bridge and construct a separate pedestrian-cyclist bridge alongside it.

The Conservancy, the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission, and residents from communities on both sides of the river are protesting the project. Yet our voices have been largely excluded from the planning process.

Meeting information courtesy of the Los Angeles Conservancy:

If at all possible, please attend the Transportation Committee meeting this Wednesday, June 9 to voice your opposition. It will likely be your last chance!

It will be critical to have a large turnout of supporters at this meeting, so please attend if at all possible, even if you don’t want to speak.

L.A. City Council Transportation Committee
Wednesday, June 9
Please arrive by 2 p.m.
Los Angeles City Hall
200 N. Spring St., Room 1010
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Valid photo I.D. required for entry
Download meeting agenda (this is agenda item #7)

Parking: Los Angeles Mall (enter from N. Los Angeles St. between Aliso and Temple)
City Hall map, directions, parking info

Submit written comments to:
Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, Chair
L.A. City Council Transportation Committee
Attn: John A. White, Legislative Assistant

It will only take you a few moments to email your opinion to the Councilman and help protect one of the Eastside’s historic and beloved landmarks!

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  1. I am writing an email to Mr.White at the moment. Although I can’t show up due to work, my dad works in the building and I am texting him right now to show up in support 🙂

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